The Nationalist Today Strikes Back

Trad-ConsThe Nationalist Today’s article which begged the question Should Men be Forced to Marry? unsurprisingly generated some backlash. They have posted a follow up article. Will they make sense, or double down on their nonsense?

About two weeks ago, I wrote a short article titled “‘Men Going Their Own Way’ Must Be Stopped.’” The reception to the article was… interesting, to say the least. Considering the volume of the comments and the analytics pointing to one specific source of all the attention, I figured that the article was likely shared among a community of MGTOW-ers, who decided to voice their opinions in the comment section of the article.

The plural is simply MGTOW (the singular being MGHOW). And yes, when someone talks shit about your community, word gets around.

The main criticism with my article that I noticed in the comments was my lack of addressing the reason that many MGTOW see as their reason for adopting that lifestyle. Much of the responses seemed to be centered around things like modern third wave feminism, divorce laws, or other woman-centered issues. However, I think that these people might not have read my article. I mentioned that the “Tinder” culture of moving on from one date to another and never settling down was very destructive.

Hook up culture has nothing to do with divorce laws or gynocentrism. It is you who have not (competently) read their responses, judging by what you’re saying here.

MGTOW isn’t the solution to that. If anything, being a MGTOW is just a self-surrender. The whole philosophy is extremely and painfully nihilistic, and it’s impossible to take seriously (based on these comments). You see all of these problems in the world with relationships, society, and culture. So you decide to just throw up arms and give up? If that’s all you’re doing, what good are you to society?

MGTOW don’t claim to be a solution. They are not self-surrendering. They are live for themselves. Self-realization, which is a big part of the MGTOW philosophy, is the opposite of nihilistic. If you can’t take it seriously, why should you expect reasonable people to take you seriously? Of course they are no good to society. They are going their own way. If society does not care about them (which is the opinion, not unwarranted, of MGTOW), why should they care about it?

It’s also worth pointing out that there is a good amount of cringy “LARP” in these comments:

  • You cannot stop us. We are legion. We will destroy you. Resistance is futile.
  • We are the enlightened ones. We are MGTOW.
  • These are [men out] there that just [want] to see the world burn. I’m one of those men[;] let it all burn down to the ground[,] and I’ll be watching[,] [l]aughing as the women and manginas(sic) that supported them [go] up all in flames and [scream].

You do know what LARPing is right? The first comment is trolling you. The second one is pointing out that you are completely oblivious to their philosophy. The last, though very black, is again trolling you, and with some success it seems.

The MGTOW movement is comprised of people who probably don’t grasp the reality of relationships. This may be due to either their young ages or the fact that they “live on the internet.” It’s a classic case of self-reflection. Yes, there are a few narcissistic women in the world. Yes, there are a few third-wave feminists in the world. Don’t fall for them. Instead, take a look at yourself, and decide whether or not you’re the reason that you ended up in this position.

You clearly haven’t listened to any of the MGTOW philosophy on the subject. When MGTOW say AWALT, they are saying that all women have the hypergamous instinct, and that our society gives all women the power to take advantage of men through the courts. You can argue against this position (I think their view is a bit simplistic, myself) but don’t try to dismiss it out of hand, unless you want to look like an idiot. Maybe you need to do some reflecting of your own.

Having a family is a wonderful thing, and living to see your legacy carved into stone is something worth fighting for.

Having your family taken from you by the courts is not a wonderful thing, and entering into a contract that allows the government to strip you of your legacy in perpetuity is not something that everyone needs or wants to do. MGTOW are pointing out that its not a fair fight.

A commenter named John Smith left this interesting comment:

  • MGTOW is simply a survival strategy in a toxic environment. You are suggesting that removal of a symptom will halt the disease. It won’t.

You don’t treat a disease by succumbing to the symptoms. That’s how you die. You fight a disease with a cure. That cure is not the symptom.

Your analogy sucks. A MGHOW is more like someone who avoids a disease by putting himself in voluntary quarantine. He is not trying to cure the disease, merely survive it.

UPDATE: This article is getting brigaded by /r/mgtow big time, please read the article before commenting.

Comments are closed.

Steve Shives would approve. Here is a sample comment that sums up a lot of MGTOW philosophy in one epic rant:

Get it through your head. MGTOW is about protecting oneself, not society. You have some fucked up loyalty to “society”, that we don’t. Why should we be loyal to any society that treats men as disposable, wage slaves, deadbeat dads, wife beaters, rapist, pedophiles and worse. Why should any man be loyal to a system that won’t give him any reproductive rights, but all the reproductive responsibilities, to a system that allows male genital mutilation (to try to prevent masturbation), to a system that forces men to pay for children they didn’t want, weren’t ready for or aren’t even theirs, to a system that forces men to pay alimony and palimony in a society in which more than 90% of marriages don’t survive more than 10 years. Worst yet, the system took away men’s authority, yet we have to be “real men”.
And you don’t seem to understand who the real culprits are. It’s not 3rd wave feminist. They are just a bunch of bitches whining and screeching about a made up rape culture and patriarchy. The ones who did the real damage were 2nd wave feminists and traditionalists, like yourself, followed by 1st wave feminists.
You also seem to misunderstand, or be completely oblivious to, the main reason for why MGTOWs are retreating away from society and women. We reject Gynocentrism! The reason for the creation of all societies – to benefit women. We don’t want to be the builders and maintainers, the providers and protectors and the disposable defenders, just so we might eventually get some sex out of it, maybe.
Finally, you don’t care just what kind of women the gen X-ers, the Baby Boomers and even the supposed “greatest generation” brought up. Do tell me, what is even the point of getting together with a woman that can’t cook, or won’t clean, or is unfamiliar with what sewing is, or is a supposed “independent woman”, waiting for the child support check, or is an entitled narcissist or a nagging bitch, or a woman that spent her 20s partying with jocks, “alpha males” and “bad boys” and “jerks” and then after she’s gone through 50 shades of dick and isn’t attractive enough for those same men, suddenly she’s all grown up, matured, a “newborn virgin”. That is what 99% of women are today and you are telling us to create a family with that? We’d rather start eating lead and drinking bleach.
The sad thing is, I know what you are going to say. “Then you have to fight to change things!” I didn’t make the system, any society, or women the way they are today. It’s not my job and I have better things to do with my life. Not to mention that you can’t change the biggest problem – gynocentrism.
So we bid adieu to you, your’s and society’s views on what a “real man” is, the gynocentric laws and women. Neither society, nor the system, nor women have had our well being and interest in mind, so, you know, what goes around comes around. The preservation of your nation or race isn’t our concern and if you really wanted to preserve it you would be fighting one of the aforementioned problems, instead of a reaction to those problems. But you don’t really care for men’s well being, do you? We should all just “man up” and “deal with it” for the good of the “X”. And so we say Goodbye, Sayonara and Sbogom to all of you.

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