About Jim’s Jumbler

Though I started this blog to write about computer programming, I later expanded it to post articles on philosophy, movies and books, writing, and DIY (do it yourself), among other things. This prompted the name change from “Programming with Jim” to “Jim’s Jumbler”. I started blogging about movies and books because I find a lot of the critics’ opinions about them are far from mine. In July, 2016, I created a new programming blog for future programming articles, once more calling it Programming with Jim.

I’ve been writing for a long time. A lot of my early writing was published on scribd.com, but I become very unhappy with the site, as they made the free works of authors who aren’t participating in their payed service more and more difficult for people to find. Late in 2014, I began publishing for the Amazon Kindle reader (search for James Hampton Belton).  In April of 2016, I began moving content from scribd to the pages of Jim’s Jumbler. I have several novels in various stages of development.

I’ve been developing system software since the early 80’s. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computing Science from Simon Fraser University. I’ve worked for a number of companies in Vancouver, including Salesforce, the world leader in CRM, Sophos, one of the top computer security companies, and Glenayre Electronics, the world leader in paging. I’m one of the developers of the open source software project SXE, a C library for high performance event driven programming.