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Review of “Jurassic World”

* * * * A This is the best Jurassic Park movie since the first one, and even though it’s a true sequel, is very much a reboot of the first movie. Chris “Star Lord” Pratt is charming as the … Continue reading

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Review of “Fifty Shades of Grey”

*  * C I found the first half of Fifty Shades enjoyable as Anastasia (newcomer Dakota Johnson) gets to know billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan, who went on to play Paul Spector in the excellent Irish series “The Fall”), and … Continue reading

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Ursula K. Le Guin Calls on Fantasy and Sci Fi Writers to Envision Alternatives to Capitalism

Ursula Le Guin, author of one of the pillars of modern fantasy, the Earthsea Trilogy, and some fantastic science fiction, including “The Lathe of Heaven”, speaks out against greed in the publishing industry: I believe the brick and mortar publishing … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Eon” by Allison Goodman

* * * B Eon is a fantasy set in an alternate version of the orient where the Chinese zodiac is literally represented by twelve elemental dragons, a new one of which ascends to supremacy each year. The titular character … Continue reading

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Review of “Frequencies”

* * C This odd science fiction film explores the lives of three child prodigies who live in an alternate universe where people’s luck (called their frequency) can be measured. The first half of the film explores the relationship between … Continue reading

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