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Review of “In the Blood”

* * * B In the Blood seems to have the same tired old plot we’ve seen before. A newly married couple are vacationing on a backward Caribbean island when one is kidnapped. The difference is that it’s the husband … Continue reading

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Wikidata JSON Dump File Format

Data dumps files: Weekly dumps of the entire Wikidata database can be downloaded from JSON (javascript object notation) is the recommended format JSON dump files are named YYYYMMDD.json File format: The file is encoded as a single list (i.e. … Continue reading

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Review of “Insurgent”

* * * B Insurgent was fun, the acting was fine, and the effects looked great. I didn’t enjoy this sequel nearly as much as the 1st installment (Divergent). It lacked the discovery of the imagined future, the development of … Continue reading

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Review of “Cinderella”

* * * B Kenneth “Lockhart” Branaugh directs Disney’s live action remake of the classic fairytale. The film sticks like glue to the original story. The special effects are beautiful. Supporting cast performances help make it worth watching with Kate … Continue reading

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Book Review: Big Mind – Big Heart

B Genpo Roshi has set down the principles of his method of guided meditation, which combines traditional Zen practices with Voice Dialog, a method used in Psychology, and involves dialogs with various voices of the dualistic, non-dualistic, and transcendent minds, … Continue reading

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