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The Seven Archetypes: The Judge

Previous Post: The Knave of Swords The fourth of the seven archetypes I’m going to discuss is the Judge. This is a fairly powerful way of relating with the world. Judges are masters of compromise, and of following precedent, AKA … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Knave of Swords

Previous Post: The Queen of Cups The third archetypes is the Knave of Swords. Of all the ways of dealing with others, that of the knave is the most dangerous. The knave is in it for himself. He is above … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Queen of Cups

Previous Post: The Hermit The second of the archetypes, I call the Queen of Cups. This is not to imply that those who relate to others in the manner of the Queen are all women, or even feminine. Rather, those … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Hermit

The hermit is one of seven archetypes that define the most common ways that people relate to the world. While being the weakest archetype, it is nevertheless one that I’ve come across on numerous occasions. What do I mean when … Continue reading

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Review of “John Wick Chapter 2”

 * * C I almost gave this film 3 stars, but it just didn’t quite make it. I’ll try to keep this review spoiler free. In short, this chapter failed in story. The action sequences are well choreographed, but, though … Continue reading

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Science Fiction: The Individual vs. the Collective

The western trope of the poor town being oppressed by the evil business magnate and his hire guns who are saved by the lone stranger, who then, rather than accepting their offer to join their community as a respected member, … Continue reading

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Canadian NDP Leadership Candidates

As I did for the Conservatives, I’m going to do for the NDP. Not much information, as of yet: Issue Charlie Angus* Guy Caron* Peter Julian Trade Deals ? ? opposed the SPP Deregulation ? ? opposed deregulating air safety … Continue reading

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The Last Prophet 2:49-71: Exodus

God saved your forefathers from the people of Pharaoh, who afflicted them with the worst torment, slaughtering their newborn sons while keeping their daughters alive. That was a great trial from the Lord, but then God parted the sea for … Continue reading

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The Last Prophet 2:40-48: Judgement Day

Those who disbelieve and deny the signs will be companions in the Fire; they will abide there for all time. Children of Israel, remember the favor that God has bestowed upon you and fulfill the covenant made with you so … Continue reading

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Who Won the Canadian Conservative Leadership Debate?

Update: Andrew Scheer: Canada’s New Conservative Leader Who won the first debate is a tough question to answer. I’ll give my thoughts one who said what, then try to give my impression of who won. Chris Alexander talked about increasing … Continue reading

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