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Review of “Edge of Tomorrow” (rewatch/spoilers)

* * * * A I saw the Tom Cruise/Emily Blunt science fiction film “Edge of Tomorrow” when it was in theaters and really liked it. Rewatching it, it stood up well. I had forgotten a lot of it. Bill … Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Post Human Future Societies

In my previous post in this series, What Does the Future Hold?, I talked about the different uses that science fiction can be put to and gave my opinion that the highest form of science fiction is the milieu story, … Continue reading

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Scince Fiction: What Does the Future Hold?

Science fiction can be used as an allegorical medium, allowing ideas to be taken out of their familiar context and shown in a new light. A great example is the classic Star Trek episode Let That Be Your Last Battlefield, … Continue reading

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Top Science Fiction Movies of the 1990s

Here are my top 10 science fiction films of the 1990s, with the reasons why I think they deserve to be on the list: The Matrix: Probably the greatest science fiction film ever made. Gattaca: Possibly the best hard science … Continue reading

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Top Science Fiction Movies this Century

I watched the video Top 10 Science Fiction / Action Movies (2000-2016) by Youtuber PragmatiX. His top ten has zero overlap with my top 20. PragmatiX’s list is as follows: The Matrix Chronicles of Riddick Equilibrium The Terminator: Rise of … Continue reading

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Review of “The Martian”

* * * * A The Martian is everything that Interstellar was not. Believable science fiction. Truly heroic characters. Incredible challenges to be overcome. Drama and politics. The only thing missing is a romance, which, given the story, might have … Continue reading

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Review of “Sword Art Online: Season 1” (English Dub)

*** B Available on Netflix, Sword Art Online: Season 1 is a 26 episode Japanese anime series set in the near future. The premise is that a virtual reality technology is created that is able to fully immerse the players … Continue reading

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