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Review of “V for Vendetta”

* * * * A Based on the graphic novel by Alan Moore (who also wrote Watchmen and From Hell) and adapted for the screen by the Warshowskis (creators of the Matrix), this film stars Hugo Weaving as the titular … Continue reading

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Review of “Kingsman”

* * * * A Fun and action packed, this comic book adaptation pits a private secret service, the Kingsmen, against the evil genius Valentine played both hilariously and creepily by Samuel L. Jackson. Colin Firth plays the experienced agent … Continue reading

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Decoding Linux File Names in Python

One of the many problems I ran into while hacking muse, the music library management program I’ve been writing, is that some bands include non ASCII characters in their names, and these are used inconsistently. For example, Blue Öyster Cult is … Continue reading

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Book Review: “Golden Son”

* * * * A While not quite as good as “Red Rising”, to which Golden Son is the sequel, it’s close. Author Pierce Brown continues to nail his mixture of space opera, dystopian future, and romance. He repeatedly brings … Continue reading

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Review of “Jupiter Ascending”

* * * B Since the Matrix, the Warshowskis haven’t hit another home run. Jupiter Ascending may be the closest they’ve come. This film delivers space opera on a grand scale. Mila Kunis plays the title character, Channing Tatum her … Continue reading

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College Humour Can Actually Be Funny

Hancock (2008) Two word movie pitch: ALCOHOLIC SUPERMAN.

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