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The Last Prophet 2:2-28: Believe

This  book contains that about which there is no doubt, and offers guidance for those conscious of God, who believe in the unseen and pray. They believe in what was revealed to the last Prophet, and what was revealed to … Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Post Human Future Societies

In my previous post in this series, What Does the Future Hold?, I talked about the different uses that science fiction can be put to and gave my opinion that the highest form of science fiction is the milieu story, … Continue reading

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The Hubris of Scientific Determinism

Scientific determinists make the most outrageous claims to certainty. Take the article No, You Don’t Have Free Will, and This is Why. This article is a critique of scientist Roy F. Baumeister’s argument for free will. In the refutation, the … Continue reading

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A Message to the Global Elites

How can you look The world in the eyes When all we can see is corruption and lies Cracking the whip on the backs of the poor We asked you to stop but you still wanted more The blood on … Continue reading

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Review of “The Departed”

* * * * A The Departed is a 2006 gangster pic by Martin Scorsese that stars Jack Nicholson as mob boss Frank Costello, Matt Damon as ambitious state policeman Colin Sullivan, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Billy Costigan, an undercover … Continue reading

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The Nonbiblical History of Ancient Israel

The Oxford Research Encyclopedia’s article History of Ancient Israel offers a good survey of what we know about Israel from sources other than the bible. Here’s my summary: The Origins of Israel The name Israel first appears on a stone … Continue reading

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How Much Warming Can Earth Take?

I came across this graph of the historical temperature. In the distant past, during the Eocene, which is when mammals first began to evolve, the earth was actually as much as 25 degrees Fahrenheit (14 Celsius) warmer than it was … Continue reading

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