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Installing a Gutter: Preparing the Gutter

The laundry room roof I rebuilt four years ago (see Roofing: Installing Certainteed Flintastic Roof Cap) never had it’s gutter reinstalled. This meant the deck below it has rotted out for probably the third time in twenty years. Before rebuilding the … Continue reading

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How to Make a 6 Layer Nacho Dip

You will need a largish ceramic cake pan, a spatula, a sharp pairing knife, a plate, a can of refried beans, a red pepper, a jar of salsa, a bunch of green onions, a tub of sour cream, and a … Continue reading

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Norse Mythology: Vafthrúdnismál in Modern English

The Vafthrúdnismál  is an Eddic poem found in the Codex Regius. The bulk of the poem consists of a dialog between Odin and the wise giant Vafthrudnir. They ask each other a series of questions to determine each other’s wisdom. Odin ends … Continue reading

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Vinyl Grip Strip Flooring is Awesome

If you have a smooth concrete floor, the easiest way to cover it is with vinyl grip strip flooring. All you need is a pair of sheet metal sheers, a pencil, a ruler, and a tape measure. Lay it staggered … Continue reading

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Seven Habits for Effectiveness

Stephen Covey, in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, describes seven principles that he claims, if followed, lead to success. The first three habits are habits of personal effectiveness: Be Proactive Have a bias for action. As … Continue reading

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