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Review of “Banshee Chapter”

* D This super low budget film, partially shot in the horrible “found footage” style, follows journalist Anne (Katia “Katrina Crane” Winter) as she searches for the cause of her college boyfriend’s disappearance, helped along the way by a Hunter … Continue reading

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Review of “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”

* * C The fourth Mission Impossible film, though better that the second, fell flat after the superb third episode. In this film, the team is disavowed after the IMF (a dumb acronym, since I always think “International Monetary Fund” … Continue reading

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Review of “Allegiant”

* * * B When I saw that the third movie in the Divergent trilogy had an 18% (rotten) score on Rotten Tomatoes, I was prepared to be even more disappointed than I was with Insurgent. But since I really … Continue reading

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Turning the Other Cheek

It’s Good Friday, a good day for philosophy. Here goes. In the 1930s, Muhatma Ghandi famously used the unlikely tactic of nonviolent resistance to overcome the British colonial occupation of India. Nonviolent resistance is rarely applied on such a scale. … Continue reading

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Money in Politics: The One Issue That Matters

On August 25, 2015, the New York Times posted the article “Donald Trump, the Green Lantern Candidate” by Brendan Nyhan (@BrendanNyhan), a political scientist and assistant professor at Dartmouth. It continues to be cited today. This article perfectly illustrates the … Continue reading

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What Do The Beatitudes Mean Today?

Jesus gave his sermon on the mount to announce the good news of the coming kingdom of heaven upon the earth. In this sermon, he gave eight blessings, known as the beatitudes: Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs … Continue reading

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K-Selection in “The Dosadi Experiment”

Frank Herbert’s novel “The Dosadi Experiment”, published in 1977, is second only to his 1966 novel “Dune”. It is a deeper exploration of the effects of hyper-competitive K-selecting environments on societies. I consider Frank Herbert to be a great science … Continue reading

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New Page: Movie Reviews

I just added a new page that’s an alphabetical list of links to all the movie reviews, along with my rating for each film. You can find it here: Movie Reviews (Alphabetically)

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What’s the Best Source Code Control Cloud?

For my personal software projects, I use GitHub, which is great for open source or private single user projects. Is there a better cloud based solution for a small businesses? Here’s a summary comparison. I was going to include Google … Continue reading

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Darth Maul: Apprentice

This short fan made film is fantastic!

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