JMdB: Older Released Series

Here’s a list of released series and seasons that look interesting (or not worth watching). I’ll continue to update it as new series and seasons are released. Anything I’ve reviewed will have a hyperlink to the review blog post.

Releases In 2021

PlannedAirs OnSeriesThoughts
Jan 3, 2021BBCThe WatchComedy fantasy based on Terry Pratchett’s discworld novels.
Jan 3, 2021HBO30 CoinsItalian horror story revolving around the power of the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas to betray Jesus.
Jan 7, 2021CoyoteMichael “Thing” Chiklis smuggles illegals across the Mexican/US border.
Jan 10, 2021American Gods Season 2Ian McShane is back as Wednesday in this Neil Gaimon inspired series.
Jan 11, 2021BritboxThe Pembrokeshire MurdersLuke Evans stars in this serial killer mystery.
Jan 15, 2021Disney+Wanda VisionMarvel’s Scarlet Witch and Vision get a quirky looking series. The first episode is a faux 1950’s sitcom, and only gives a minor hint about what’s really going on.
Jan 21, 2021CWWalkerJared “Sam” Padelaki stars in this reboot of the old Chuck Norris series. First episode sucked big time.
Jan 22, 2021NetflixFate: The Winx SagaYet another fairy girl young adult fantasy. First couple of episodes were not great.
Jan 22, 2021HuluThe SisterA man marries the sister of a woman who’s murder he was involved in.
Jan 25, 2021NetflixSnowpiercer – Season 2Haven’t watched season 1 yet. I didn’t know Sean “Boromir” Bean was in it.
Jan, 2021Sky* * * Discovery of Witches – Season 2Romantic fantasy about a witch and a vampire. Season 1 was watchable. The first episode finds the main characters back in time.
Feb 4, 2021HBOThe HeadMurder in Antartica.
Feb 7, 2021CBSThe EqualizerThe Equalizer is rebooted again, this time with Queen Latifah playing Robert McCall. Looks cringey AF.
Feb 11, 2021CBSClariceSilence of the lambs spin off series from Star Trek Discovery’s Alex Kurtzman. First 2 episodes are a dull crime drama.
Feb 19, 2021PrimeTell Me Your SecretsTrippy looking thriller.
Feb 19, 2021NetflixTribes of EuropaDystopian future science fiction from Germany. Interesting, but fairly low budget.
Feb 23, 2021CWSuperman & LoisYet another DC superhero series from the makers of Arrow.
Mar 1, 2021PeacockDebrisScience fiction involving space debris hitting the earth.
Mar 4, 2021NetflixPacific Rim: The BlackAnimated sequel to the Guillermo de Toro kaiju vs. gundam films.
Mar 7, 2021CondorThree Days of the Condor rebooted as a series.
Mar 14, 2021BritboxGraceBritish police drama.
Mar 15, 2021NetflixThe Lost Pirate KingdomDocudrama about the real pirates of the Caribbean.
Mar 18, 2021HBOmaxZack Snyder’s Justice LeagueThe Snyder Cut of DC’s Justice League, released as a miniseries.
Mar 19, 2020Disney+Falcon and the Winter SoldierSpin off from Captain America with Anthony Mackey and Sebastian Stan. Could be good. Delayed due to CV from Aug 2020.
Mar 21, 2021StarzThe GloamingCops hunt for a serial killer.
Mar 25, 2021NetflixDOTA: Dragon’s BloodAnimated fantasy.
Mar 25, 2021PrimeAge of the Living Dead – Season 3Humans vs. vampires again. May check this out, but haven’t watched season 1 yet.
Mar 26, 2021PrimeInvincibleAnimated superhero series from the creator of The Walking Dead.
Mar 26, 2021NetflixThe IrregularsStranger things in Victorian times with Sherlock Holmes. Looks a bit cringe worthy.
Apr 1, 2021HBOMade for LoveScience fiction exploring human relationships.
Apr 11, 2021HBOThe NeversWomen receive mysterious powers in Victorian times and are persecuted for them. Looks a bit woke.
Apr 15, 2021AMC+Spy CitySpy thriller set in Berlin.
Apr 23, 2021Netflix* * Shadow and BoneFantasy series about a woman with a rare power to summon light.
May 4, 2021Disney+The Bad BatchAnimated post order 66 Clone Wars spin off series about a batch of enhanced clone storm troopers.
May 7, 2021NetflixJupiter’s Legacy“Epic” superhero series. Two episodes in, it’s good.
May 13, 2021PeacockIntergalacticScience fiction revolving around exiles who steal a starship.
May 21, 2021The BiteSatirical Zombie series. The trailer has truly awful music that taints my perception of the show.
May 21, 2021PrimeSolosStar studded science fiction. Trailer is shmaltzy.
May 25, 2021Mr. Inbetween – Season 3A hitman is trying to raise a family. Looks fun. I may check out previous seasons.
May 27, 2021BritBoxThe Beast Must DieRevenge series with Jared “Moriarty” Harris.
Jun 4, 2021Netflix* Sweet ToothFantasy about human animal hybrids, based on a DC comic book.
Jun 4, 2021AppleLisey’s StoryTrippy Steven King series with Julian Moore and Clive Owen.
Jun 6, 2021War of the Worlds – Season 2I’ve been meaning to check out season 1.
Jun 6, 2021EpixDominaHistorical drama about Livia, wife of Roman emperor Augustus.
Jun 11, 2021Disney+* * LokiTom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson star in this Avengers spin off where Loki must help undo the damage done to the timelines in End Game.
Jun 20, 2021Paramount+Evil – Season 2Series about paranormal investigations. Haven’t watched season 1.
June 24, 2021Godzilla: Singular PointMore animated Godzilla

Jun 25, 2021
Disney+The Mysterious Benedict SocietyFour children go up against their benefactor’s evil twin.
Jul 1, 2021PeacockSmotherA man is murdered and his family are all suspects.
Jul 8, 2021NetflixResident Evil: Infinite Darkness – Season 1Horror series set in the game universe between RE 4 and 5.
Jul 18, 2021StarzThe DeceivedAfter her mother dies, a girl begins seeing ghosts.
Aug 8, 2021ShowtimeUFOJJ Abrams documentary.
Aug 10, 2021FoxFantasy Island“I am your hostess, Missus Rourke.” Can it be worse than the Michael Pena reboot film?
Aug 11, 2021Disney+What If?Animated twisted tales of Marvel.
Aug 13, 2021NetflixBrand New Cherry FlavorA woman goes on a psychedelic supernatural journey in 1990’s LA.
Aug 22, 2021Epix* * ChapelwaiteAdrian Brody leads this series based on Steven King’s story Jerusalem’s Lot.
Sep 13, 2021HuluY The Last ManIn the future, all men but one die. Science fiction based on the graphic novel.
Sep 6, 2021PeacockThe Lost SymbolSeries based on Dan Brown’s character Langford from the Davinci Code. First couple of episodes are OK.
Sep 22, 2021Disney+Star Wars: VisionsStar Wars anthology created by various anime studios.
Sep 24, 2021AppleFoundationScience fiction series based on the books by Isaac Asimov. Jared Harris, one of my favourite character actors, has a part. Disappointing.
Sep 24, 2021Netflix* * Midnight MassNew horror series focusing on a young priest.
Sep 28, 2021PeacockLa BreaA massive sinkhole in LA is an opening to a primeval world.
Sep 29, 2021Netflix* * * The Chestnut ManSerial killer series (foreign language)
Oct 6, 2021CBSCSI: VegasReboot of the original CSI series with William Peterson and Jorja Fox returning. First couple of episodes were OK.
Oct 15, 2021SyFyDay of the DeadMore zambies
Oct 21, 2021The Girl in the WoodsFantasy/horror for young adults.
Oct 22, 2021AppleInvasionAnother alien invasion series based on War of the Worlds. Sam “Grant” Neil stars.
Oct 25, 2021The Long CallBritish crime drama.
Nov 6, 2021NetflixArcane: League of LegendsAnimated science fiction/fantasy based on the game.
Nov 7, 2021ShowtimeDexter: New BloodMichael C. Hall returns to his iconic role for a chance to redeem the horrible “Lumberjack Dexter” series ender in season 8.
Nov 14, 2021PeacockMayor of KingstonJeremy Renner is mayor of a town whose only industry is a prison.
Nov 14, 2021ShowcaseYellowjacketsA girls soccer team survive a plane crash in the wilderness.
Nov 14, 2021CrunchyrollBlade Runner: Black LotusAnimated series based on the movies.
Nov 17, 2021HuluHit MonkeyAnimated Marvel series
Nov 19, 2021PrimeThe Wheel of TimeSeries based on the Robert Jordan novels. Rosumund Pike plays Moraine. Hope this is doesn’t make Robert Jordan spin in his grave.
Nov 24, 2021PrimeHanna – Season 3The Bourne like spy thriller returns.
Nov 24, 2021Disney+HawkeyeJeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is joined y Kate Bishop (the new Hawkeye) in this Avenger’s spin off.
Nov 28, 2021NetflixElvesForeign language fantasy series. The “elves” look more like goblins.
Dec 16, 2021HBOmaxStation ElevenPost pandemic drama.
Dec 17, 2021NetflixThe Witcher – Season 2Henry “Supe” Cavill returns as the title character.
Dec 23, 2021PeacockVigilBritish naval crime drama
Dec 29, 2021Disney+The Book of Boba FettA spin-off from the Mandalorian where Boba takes over Jabba’s criminal empire.

Releases Up To End of 2020

Dec 18, 2020NetflixSweet HomeAn apocalyptic curse turns people into monsters in this Korean horror series.
Dec 17, 2020CBSThe StandSteven King’s epic novel, this time as a full series. Whoopie Goldberg as Mother Abagail. First couple of episodes are mediocre.
Dec 6, 2020ShowtimeYour HonorBrian “Heisenberg” Cranston plays a judge in this crime drama.
Dec 16, 2020PrimeThe Expanse – Season 5Hard science fiction. I’ve only watched the first episode of season 1 so far.
Dec 10, 2020NetflixAlice in BorderlandPeople are transported into an alternate universe that is a virtual reality game. English subs. First episode was weird.
Nov 18, 2020PrimeAge of the Living Dead – Season 2Humans vs. vampires again. May check this out, but haven’t watched season 1 yet.
Nov 13, 2020IMdB TVAlex RiderTeenage Bond.
Nov 8, 2020HBOHis Dark Materials – Season 2Return of the series based on the books by Philip Pullman. First season was pretty good, so I’ll probably check this one out.
Nov 12, 2020HBOValley of TearsIsraeli drama about the war with Syria.
Nov 11, 2020NetflixThe LiberatorRotoscope animated world war II war series.
Nov 11, 2020SyFyResident AlienScience fiction comedy about an alien hiding on Earth.
Nov 6, 2020PrimeWayneThe story of two teenage misfits.
Nov 5, 2020PeacockSave Me Too – Season 2English drama about a father looking for his missing daughter. Haven’t seen season 1.
Oct 30, 2020Disney+Mandalorian – Season 2Gina Carano returns as Cara Dune, and Boba Fett is in this season too.
Oct 30, 2020PrimeTruth SeekersGhost busting comedy with Simon Pegg.
Oct 27, 2020NetflixBlood of ZeusAnimated fantasy based on Greek mythology.
Oct 25, 2020HBOThe UndoingNicole Kidman/Hugh Grant drama series. Delayed due to CV from May 10, 2020.
Oct 23, 2020NetflixBarbariansGerman historical drama about the clash between Rome and the Germanic tribes. English subtitles.
Oct 18, 2020PBSRoadkillHugh “House” Laurie is an unscrupulous British politician. Looks a bit like House of Cards.
Oct 16, 2020HuluHelstromA new horror series based on the Marvel comic books. Satan’s children become monster hunters.
Oct 9, 2020NetflixThe Haunting of Bly ManoreFrom the creator of The Haunting of Hill House, but based on The Turn of the Screw. Hopefully better than The Turning.
Oct 7, 2020CWDevilsSky series about a financial conspiracy, with Patrick Dempsey.
Oct 6, 2020FoxNextA rogue AI is on the loose, and it doesn’t want to be shut down. Looks fun.
Oct 5, 2020QuibiThe ExpectingHorror involving a pregnant woman.
Oct 2, 2020HuluMonsterland8 part horror anthology
Oct 2, 2020CinemaxWarrior – Season 2Martial arts series based on Bruce Lee’s writing. Haven’t watched season 1 yet.
Oct 5, 2020AMCSoulmatesScience fiction about computer match making gone wrong.
Oct 1, 2020PeacockCode 404British comedy Robocop. Looks pretty silly.
Oct 1, 2020AMCGangs of LondonUK based mobster series with Colm “O’Brian” Meaney. Aired on Apr 23, 2020 on Sky
Oct 1, 2020AMCThe Walking Dead: World BeyondHaven’t watched any Walking Dead past the first episode. Delayed due to CV from Apr 4, 2020.
Sep 25, 2020PrimeUtopiaScience fiction series involving a virus, maybe with comedic elements. John Cusack has a role.
Sep 25, 2020AppleTehranAn Israeli agent is trapped in Tehran.
Sep 17, 2020PrimeSpidesFreaky science fiction series about a new drug, Bliss that’s part of an alien plot. A good watch so far.
Sep 17, 2020PeacockDepartureA mystery about a plane that disappears over the Atlantic; a sole survivor is found. Stars Christopher “Von Trapp” Plummer.
Sep 14, 2020HBOThe Third DayJude Law psychological thriller series. Could be good. Delayed due to CV from May 11, 2020.
Sep 4, 2020PrimeThe Boys – Season 2Karl Urban and company return. First episode was slow. Can it be as good as the previous season?
Sep 3, 2020HBORaised By WolvesRidley Scott post apocalyptic science fiction about children raised by a robot. The first few episodes are good.
Sep 2, 2020HBOTwo Weeks To LiveMaisie “Aria” Williams stars as a sheltered girl out for revenge on her father’s killers.
Aug 17, 2020Prime* * * Absentia – Season 3Really good mystery/crime drama about an FBI agent who is returned after being abducted for 6 years.
Aug 16, 2020HBOLovecraft CountryJordan Peale’s pre-civil rights black life drama that masquerades as horror series based on the works of HP Lovecraft.
Aug 3, 2020QuibiFugitiveA remake of the classic with Keifer Sutherland as the cop hunting the fugitive. In this iteration, the fugitive is framed as a terrorist.
Jul 17, 2020NetflixCursedBased on Arthurian legend. Nimue the fay is the hero. Arthur is race bent, and the baddies are “the holy Roman empire” (white man bad). The first few episodes are watchable, but not great.
Jul 15, 2020PeacockBrave New WorldAlden “Soylo” Erenriech stars in this adaptation of
Aldous Huxley’s dystopian science fiction novel.
Jul 3, 2020Prime* * * Hanna
– Season 2
Bornesque superspy thriller. I liked the first season. Season 2 is good, but not quite as good as season 1 with Joel Kinnaman.
Jun 21, 2020AMCNOS4A2 – Season 2Zachary “Siler” Quinto returns as the evil Charlie
Manx. First season was awesome. Go watch it!
Jun 14,


Netflix* * * Marcella
– Season 3
Decent third season of the crime drama. Marcella remains deeply disturbed, and moves from her job as a police detective to working undercover.
May 31, 2020NetflixSnowpiercerBased on the shitty science fiction movie. Not for me.
Apr 22, 2020HBOThe Murders at White HouseCrime drama based on a true story.
Apr 13, 2020Quibi50 States of FrightHorror anthology about urban legends.
Apr 3, 2020PrimeTales From the LoopJonathan “Sparrow” Price stars in this bizarre
science fiction series. A bit too weird even for me.
Mar 18, 2020HuluMotherland Fort SalemArmy of witches. Maybe good.
Mar 15, 2020HBOWestworld – Season 3I liked season 1 but haven’t finished it.
Mar 13, 2020NetflixKingdom – Season 2Korean series about zombies in feudal times. Subbed. Watched the first episode of the previous season. Really weird hats, a little too much bizarre politics.
Mar 6, 2020AppleAmazing StoriesNew episodes in Spielberg’s Twighlight Zone knock off.
Mar 5, 2020HuluDevsMystery in a high tech company.
Feb 27, 2020NetflixAltered Carbon – Season 2Loved season 1. This season, Joel Kinnaman is replaced by Anthony “Falcon” Mackie. Finding it hard to get into.
Feb 21, 2020PrimeHuntersJordan Peale and Al Pacino are Nazi hunters. May be good.
Feb 21, 2020Disney+Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 7Haven’t watched this animated series.
Feb 18, 2020HBOBeforeignersNorwegian (subtitled) sci-fi where people from the past appear in modern day.
Jan 23, 2020CBSStar Trek: PicardStar Trek hasn’t been great since The Next Generation. Could be good, but I’ve heard mixed reviews.
Jan 23, 2020Netflix* October
Adaptation of the IDW supernatural graphic novel is full of unwatchably terrible teen drama briefly interspersed with mediocre demon hunting action sequences. I made it through only 2 episodes.
Jan 19, 2020HBOAvenue 5Hugh Laurie comedy sci-fi. I like Laurie but my expectations are low.
Jan 12, 2020HBOThe OutsiderSupernatural crime/mystery based on the novel by Steven King. Stars Ben Mendelson. Really good.
Jan 4, 2020Netflix* DraculaMediocre remake of the classic. I watched 2 of the 3 episodes. I don’t recommend it.
Jan 1, 2020Netflix* * * * MessiahExcellent drama about a man who comes out of the desert claiming to be the messiah. Walks the edge between him being the
messiah or a clever con man.
Nov 4, 2019EpixWar of the WorldsBased on the classic H.G.Wells novel. Could be good.
Oct 11, 2019NickelodeonAre You Afraid of the Dark: Curse of the ShadowsJunior horror series
Oct 4, 2019HuluInto the DarkEpisodic horror series released monthly. Each episode is inspired by a holiday.
Sep 23, 2019Fox* * * Prodigal SonMalcolm Bright, the son of the serial killer “The Surgeon”, trained by the FBI as a profiler, consults with the NYPD major crimes division. Michael Sheen is brilliant as Dr. Martin Whitley, AKA The Surgeon.
Sep 13, 2019SkyTempleMark Strong plays a doctor who, to save his wife, opens an underground clinic for criminals. The first few episodes are a bit slow.
Apr 15, 2019 WarriorMartial arts series based on Bruce Lee’s writing. Season 2 set for Oct 2, 2020.
Dec 7, 2018PrimeAge of the Living Dead – Season 1Humans vs. vampires again. May check this out, but haven’t watched it yet.
Mar 9, 2018Netflix* CollateralVery mediocre BBC police procedural