JMdB: Upcoming Movies

Here’s a list of upcoming and recently released movies that look interesting (or not worth watching). I’ll continue to update it as new films are announced.

Last Major Update: January 1, 2021





Jan 1, 2021 Escape Room 2Haven’t seen the first one, and won’t see this. Delayed due to CV from Aug 14, 2020.
Jan 1, 2021An Imperfect MurderAlec Baldwin investigates a woman who has murdered her abusive ex-boyfriend.
Jan 4, 2021Let it SnowSlasher set in a remote mountaintop ski resort.
Jan 8, 2021Redemption DayA soldiers wife is kidnapped in Africa and he goes there to rescue her.
Jan 12, 2021VODSkyfireChinese volcano disaster pic with Jason “Lucius” Isaac.
Jan 14, 2021Run, Hide, FightA school girl goes John MacLean during a high school shooting.
Jan 15, 2021NetflixOutside the WireAnthony “Falcon” Mackie is a military cyborg who disables dangerous weapons.
Jan 15, 2021The 355An all girl spy team try to prevent world war three.
Jan 18, 2021The Sinners (AKA The Color Rose)7 plastics become devil worshippers.
Jan 21, 2021 Ten Minutes to MidnightIndie vampire flick. Looks a bit cheesy.
Jan 28, 2021Occupation: RainfallAustralian alien invasion pic. Sequel to the Occupation, which was pretty poor.
Jan 29, 2021* The Little ThingsDenzel Washington, Rami Malek and an almost unrecognizable Jared Leto star in this crime drama about a cop hunting a serial killer.
Feb 1, 2021Riders of JusticeDanish revenge pic with Mads “Hannibal” Mikkelsen.
Feb 5, 2021NetflixSpace SweepersKorean science fiction film about space salvagers.
Feb 5, 2021PrimeBlissOwen Wilson and Salma Hyack in a trippy looking science fiction film.
Feb 6, 2021ShudderThe ReckoningMedieval horror about a woman accused of being a witch.
Feb 9, 2021VODSatorCreepy looking horror about a man haunted by a supernatural being in the woods.
Feb 11, 2021Fear of RainThriller about a woman whose fears seem to come to life.
Feb 12, 2021AdverseMickey Rourke is an evil loan shark.
Feb 12, 2021Willie’s WonderlandNick Cage vs. the haunted amusement park.
Feb 12, 2021HuluInto the Dark: TentaclesA man becomes ill after getting involved with a mystery woman.
Feb 12, 2021PrimeThe Map of Tiny Perfect ThingsRom-com groundhog day style.
Feb 15, 2021Anti LifeBruce Willis stars in this science fiction horror that resembles The Thing in space.
Feb 16, 2021Alice Fades AwayA woman is confronted by the agents of her son’s grandfather, played by William “Death” Sandler.
Feb 25, 2021PanaceaScience fiction/horror about human experimentation with a regeneration drug.
Feb 25, 2021DVDPsycho GoremanA young girl controls an evil being who wants to destroy the world. Looks nuts.
Feb 26, 2021 VODThe VigilHorror based on a Jewish death ritual.
Feb 26, 2021Crisis3 vignettes on the opioid crisis. Gary “Zorg” Oldman stars in one of them.
Feb 26, 2021VODSonHorror about a young boy.
Feb 26, 2021VODLazarusSuper powered vigilante. Looks a lot like Bloodshot.
Mar 4, 2021DVDEnhancedA psychic super soldier is hunting down all the others. Heros, anyone?
Mar 5, 2021Coming 2 AmericaLiked the original, but not expecting much here. Eddie “Donkey” Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprise their roles.
Mar 12, 2021Raya and the Last DragonDisney animated fantasy about a girl who is the guardian of the last dragon.
Mar 12, 2021Come TrueCreepy looking horror about dream science gone wrong. Premiered at a film festival on August 30, 2020.
Mar 12, 2021VODCosmic SinHumanity seeks to wipe out an alien race. Bruce “MacLean” Willis stars.
Mar 12, 2021InsightClairvoyant counter terrorist martial artists, anyone?
Mar 12, 2021SkySAS: Red NoticeCriminals hijack a train under the English channel.
Mar 15, 2021Boss LevelGroundhog day shoot ’em up with Mel “Max” Gibson as the baddy.
Mar 19, 2021PhobiasThe government is experimenting on people with extreme fobias trying to weaponize their fears.
Mar 23, 2021VOD* DoorsMysterious doorways start appearing all over Earth.
Mar 26, 2021VODThe VaultHeist movie starring Freddie “The Good Doctor” Highmore and Liam “Davos” Cunningham.
Mar 26, 2021The Seventh DayExorcists and demons.
Mar 26, 2021ShudderThe BanishingA family are terrorized in a house once inhabited by an evil cult.
Apr 2, 2021
(Mar 13)
VOD (Theaters)Chaos WalkingSci fi in which Tom “Spidey” Holland can’t stop broadcasting his thoughts, Daisy “Rey” Ridley is the last woman on earth, and Mads “Hannibal” Mikkelsen is evil. Looks
Apr 2, 2021TheatersThe UnholyHorror about a woman who claims to be performing miracles by the grace of Mary. Stars Jeffrey Dean “Comedian” Stanton and William “Death” Stadler.
Apr 4, 2021TheatersIn the EarthTrippy looking horror in the woods.
Apr 8, 2021TheatersAscendant (AKA Rising Wolf)A young woman being tortured by men who are holding her father finds out she has abnormal abilities.
Apr 8, 2021ShudderThe PowerA nurse is terrorized by a supernatural force on the graveyard shift.
Apr 9, 2021VoyagersColin “Lobster” Farrell in a dystopian science fiction film.
Apr 9, 2021 Bob’s Burgers: The MovieHaven’t watched the series, won’t see the film. Delayed due to CV from Jul 17, 2020.
Apr 16, 2021 (Apr 2)VOD
NobodyFrom the writer of John Wick, a retired hit man (Bob “Saul” Odenkirk) with a family can’t escape his past.
Apr 16, 2021
(Oct 23, 2020)
Netflix (Theaters)SynchronicTrippy looking altered reality science fiction film with Anthony “Falcon” Mackey and Jamie “Grey” Dornan.
Apr 20, 2021VODNight of the SicarioAssassins hunt for a young witness to a drug cartel crime.
Apr 20, 2021VODBrothers By Blood (AKA The Sound of Philadelphia)Joel “Kovacs” Kinnaman is an Irish mobster who starts a gang war.
Apr 22, 2021NetflixStowawayAnna Kendrick and Daniel Dae Kim in a hard science fiction film where a man accidentally “stows away” on a mission to Mars.
Apr 23, 2021HBOmaxMortal KombatRemake of the video game inspired fantasy/martial arts film.
Apr 23, 2021VanquishRuby “Batwoman” Rose is coerced by evil Morgan “God” Freeman into aiding his criminal enterprise. In June, Fanboy Flicks declared this The Worst Movie of the Year.
Apr 23, 2021VODBloodthirstyA singer has visions that she’s turning into a wolf, but are they just visions?
Apr 23, 2021TheatersIn the EarthA scientist and his guide venture into the jungle during a pandemic.
Apr 27, 2021 (Jan 21) VOD (Theaters)The MarksmanLiam Neeson is a white saviour who takes a young Mexican boy under his wing.
Apr 27, 2021VODWildcatA journalist is taken prisoner and tortured by people who suspect she is a CIA ageent.
Apr 30, 2021VODThe VirtuosoAnson “Blackbolt” Mount is a hit man working for Anthony “Hannibal” Hopkins.
Apr 30, 2021PrimeWithout RemorseTom Clancy revenge pic starring Michael B. “Killmonger” Jordan.
Apr 30, 2021VODThe ResortFour adventurous young people explore a deserted resort.
May 7, 2021TheatersThe Wrath of ManGuy Ritchie directs this Jason Statham revenge flick.
May 7, 2021VODThe Devil’s ChildHorror where a young woman is hired to nurse an aged invalid.
May 7, 2021The Water ManA boy sets out to find a rural legend in hopes of saving his dying mother.
May 8, 2021NetflixSuper MeA man has the ability to bring his dreams into reality. Probably dubbed from the Chinese original.
May 12, 2021NetflixOxygenScience fiction about a woman trapped in a cryogeninc chamber.
May 14, 2021NetflixThe Woman in the WindowThriller about an agoraphobe who sees a murder, then things get weird. Might be a streamer. Delayed due to CV from May 15, 2020
May 14, 2021HBOmaxThose Who Wish Me DeadAngelina “Croft” Joli is a forest fire watcher who must defend a young boy from assassins Jon “Punisher” Bernthal and Nicholas “Beast” Holt.
May 20, 2021The RookiesMila “Lilu” Jovavich stars in this Chinese spy thriller.
May 20, 2021VODGreat WhiteWhen a float plane is wrecked at sea, it’s passengers must survive in shark infested waters.
May 21, 2021HBOmax Godzilla vs. KongThe last film (Godzilla, King of the Monsters) was bad. Will at best stream this. Delayed due to CV from Nov 20, 2020.
May 21, 2021NetflixArmy of the DeadZack Snyder returns to the world of Dawn of the Dead.
May 21, 2021VODThe DryA man returns to his home town and resumes the investigation of and old murder case.
May 27, 2021NetflixEdenNetflix science fiction anime.
May 27, 2021SeanceA seance in a girls’ school summons a vengeful ghost.
May 28, 2021Disney+CruellaOrigin story for the villain of 101 Dalmatians. Looks dark for Disney. $30 premium charge.
May 28, 2021
(Jul 12)
A Quiet Place Part IIStill haven’t seen the original. Probably a streamer for me. Delayed due to CV from Mar 20 and Sep 4, 2020
Jun 1, 2021 (May 14)VOD (Theaters)Spiral: From the Book of SawHaven’t saw one of these yet, and don’t intend to start. Chris Rock and Samuel L “Fury” Jackson star.
Jun 4, 2021HBOmaxThe Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do ItHaven’t seen the Conjuring 2, so likely won’t see this until I’ve seen that. Delayed due to CV from Sep 11, 2020.
Jun 4, 2021TheatersSamaritanSylvester “Rocky” Stallone is a homeless man with super powers.
Jun 4, 2021The Education of Frederick Fitzell (AKA Flashback)Trippy looking suspense pic with Dylan O’Brien, involving mind altering drugs.
Jun 8, 2021VODThe Amuzement Park4K restoration of a lost George Romero horror film.
Jun 9, 2021NetflixAwakePost apocalyptic future where no one can sleep.
Jun 10, 2021VODInfiniteA group of immortals who are reincarnated fight to stop the end of the world. Mark Wahlberg stars.
Jun 12, 2021VODThe Devil BelowHorror about a monster underground.
Jun 15, 2021VODThe MisfitsPierce “Bond” Brosnan leads heist. Looks meh.
Jun 16, 2021
(Jul 16)
The Hitman’s Wife’s BodyguardSequel to the funny action flick with odd couple Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson. May see this in the theatre.
Jun 18, 2021The SerpentA CIA agent goes rogue after she is set up.
Jun 24, 2021DVDThe SuperdeepRussian scientists discover a threat to humanity in a deep borehole.
Jun 25, 2021TheatersFast & Furious 9Would have to watch 1-8 first, so likely won’t see this. Note: Delayed due to CV by 1 year.
Jun 25, 2021The Ice RoadLiam “Quigon” Neeson and Lawrence “Morphius” Fishburn lead a mission in the far north to rescue trapped miners.
Jun 25, 2021VODThe Evil Next DoorA boys imaginary friend turns out to be less that imaginary. Swedish with subs.
Jun 25, 2021 (Mar 16)VOD (Theaters)GaiaScience fiction film where an intelligent fungus threatens to take over the world
Jun, 2021 TheatersTop Gun 2: MaverickTom Cruise returns. Will see this if I hear it’s good, otherwise likely stream it. Delayed due to CV from Jun 26, 2020.
Jul 2, 2021 Minions: The Rise of GruThe original (Despicable Me) was OK; haven’t watched any of the sequels. Delayed due to CV from Jul 3, 2020.
Jul 2, 2021
(Jul 19)
The Forever PurgeHaven’t seen Purges 1-4, so no. Delayed due to CV from Jul 10, 2020.
Jul 2, 2021Prime**** The Tomorrow WarChris “Starlord” Pratt and Yvonne “Sarah” Strashovski science fiction film. Delayed due to CV from Dec 25, 2020.
Jul 2, 2021VODWerewolves WithinHorror comedy.
Jul 2, 2021NetflixFear Street Part 1: 1994First of 3 films based on RL Stine’s YA horror novels.
Jul 2, 2021VODLet Us InA twelve year old girl seeks to solve a rash of disappearances. Either science fiction or horror.
Jul 5, 2021VODWitch HuntWitches are persecuted in an alternate reality where they exist
Jul 6, 2021Netflix** Major Grom: Plague DoctorA Russian detective must deal with a masked vigilante.
Jul 9, 2021Disney+Black WidowFirst Marvel pic of the year. Will likely see this. $30 premium on Disney+
Jul 9, 2021NetflixFear Street Part 2: 1978Second of 3 films based on RL Stine’s YA horror novels.
Jul 10, 2021VolitionScience fiction film about a man who can see the future with John Rhys “Gimli” Davis. Delayed from March 15, 2020
Jul 10, 2021Palm SpringsGroundhog day clone.
Jul 14, 2021VODGunpowder MilkshakeGirl power John Wick. Looks cringey.
Jul 14, 2021NetflixA Classic Horror StoryItalian horror film.
Jul 15, 2021The North WaterColin “Lobster” Farrell sails and whales in the far north
Jul 16, 2021The Night HouseAfter a woman’s husband commits suicide, things get trippy.
Jul 16, 2021Out of DeathBruce Willis plays a retired cop who helps a woman who witnessed a dirty cop commit a murder.
Jul 16, 2021NetflixFear Street Part 3: 1666Third of 3 films based on RL Stine’s YA horror novels.
Jul 23, 2021
(Aug 9)
OldM. Night Shamalan is back with a beach that causes rapid aging.
Jul 23, 2021Midnight in the Switch GrassBruce “MacLean” Willis and Meagan Fox are FBI agents looking for a serial killer.
Jul 23, 2021NetflixBlood Red SkyA woman with a mysterious illness battles hijackers on a plane. Looks sick. Foreign language film.
Jul 23, 2021PrimeJoltKate “Selene” Beckinsale is a homicidal maniac out for revenge.
Jul 24, 2021Disney+ Jungle CruiseDwayne “the Rock” Johnson leads another Disney ride based movie that looks meh. Delayed due to CV from July 24, 2020.
Jul 26, 2021DVDRogue HostageA man with a grudge against a politician (Jon Malkovitch) takes him hostage, but a former marine caught up with him has other ideas. Die Hard knock off?
Jul 30, 2021StillwaterMatt Daomon travels to France to help his daughter who’s been convicted of murder.
Jul 30, 2021A Dark FoeA tormented FBI agent hunts a serial killer who murdered his mother and abducted his sister.
Aug 5, 2021VODThe Old WaysMexican horror film.
Aug 6, 2021HBOmax The Suicide Squad (2)James Gunn directs, Margo Robbie and Joel “Takashi” Kinnaman return.
Aug 6, 2021PrimeValVal Kilmer autobiography.
Aug 6, 2021NetflixHit and RunA man investigates his wife’s death; action ensues.
Aug 6, 2021NetflixThe SwarmA woman farming edible grasshoppers becomes obsessed.
Aug 13, 2021Free GuyCorny looking Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds video games reality comedy. Might be a streamer. Delayed from Dec 11, 2020.
Aug 13, 2021 Deep WaterBen Afflick lets his wife Ana de Armas cheat on him, then comes under suspicion for killing her lovers. Delayed from Nov 13, 2020 due to CV
Aug 13, 2021Don’t Breathe 2Horror/thriller. Looks intense. May have to see the original.
Aug 13, 2021NetflixBeckettAn American tourist becomes a fugitive.
Aug 14, 2021 The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the RunNot for me. Delayed due to CV from May 22, 2020.
Aug 17, 2021
(Jul 23)
VOD (Theaters)Snake EyesGI Joe spin off origin story, very poorly reviewed.
Aug 17, 2021OverrunA military man must avoid assassins and find a briefcase to save his kidnapped sister.
Aug 18, 2021Nine Perfect StrangersNicole Kidman runs a mysterious wellness retreat. Could be good.
Aug 18, 2021VODYakuza PrincessJapanese martial arts/crime drama.
Aug 19, 2021
(Jul 30)
VOD (Theaters)The Green KnightBased on the ancient Arthurian tale “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”. Could be good. Arthur has had his share of very poor adaptations over the years, so my expectations are low. Delayed due to CV from May 29, 2020.
Aug 20, 2021TheatersThe ProtegeMaggie Q, Michael “Batman” Keaton and Samuel L. “Windu” Jackson are assassins. By the makers of John Wick.
Aug 20, 2021HBOmaxReminiscenceHugh “Wolverine” Jackman in a dystopian science fiction where a flooded earth has technology that allows one to relive memories.
Aug 20, 2021DemonicNeil Blomkamp (director of District 9) horror/science fiction. Looks a bit like The Cell.
Aug 20, 2021RisenA meteorite kills all the inhabitants of a remote town, but they come back to life
Aug 20, 2021NetflixSweet GirlJason “Aquaman” Momoa goes after the pharmaceutical company he holds responsible for his wife’s death
Aug 20, 2021VODCryptozooTrippy looking animated film about cryptids.
Aug 22, 2021VODMad GodPhil Tippet’s stop motion creature feature. Looks very trippy.
Aug 23, 2021NetflixThe Witcher: Nightmare of the WolfAnimated movie set in the Witcher universe.
Aug 26, 2021Tides (AKA The Colony)German film A woman returns to a destroyed Earth in the distant future.
Aug 27, 2021CandymanNever saw the original. I definitely won’t see this Jordan Peele reboot. Delayed due to CV from June and then September, 2020.
Aug 30, 2021A Spark in NothingArtsy looking romantic fantasy were a supernatural being splits a couple’s lives into two different timelines.
Sep 3, 2021TheatersWe Need to Do SomethingHorror film
Sep 4, 2021 The OwnersMaisie “Aria” Williams stars in a caper gone wrong horror film.
Sep 10, 2021HBOmaxMalignantJames Wan directs this creepy looking horror.
Sep 10, 2021NetflixKateYet another she so badass John Wick as a girl film. Woody Harrelson plays Kate’s mentor.
Sep 17, 2021CopshopGerard “Leonides” Butler is a hit man who gets arrested to get to his target.
Sep 17, 2021Prisoners of the GhostlandNick Cage must rescue a woman in a bizarre looking martial arts film.
Sep 22, 2021NetflixIntrusionHome invasion story.
Sep 29, 2021NetflixNo One Gets Out AliveCreepy looking haunted home for women.
Oct 1, 2021TitaneFreaky looking French thriller with lots of nudity and violence.
Oct 1, 2021MaydayFantasy about an island of women. Looks a bit cringe.
Oct 1, 2021TheatersVenom: Let There Be CarnageTom Hardy returns as the Spider-Verse anti-hero, this time up against Woody Harrelson as Carnage. I’ll probably go see this. Delayed by CV from Sep 24, 2021.
Oct 1, 2021NetflixThe GuiltyJake Gillenhall is a 911 operator who gets a call from a woman who’s being kidnapped.
Oct 8, 2021TheatersNo Time To DieWoke Bond. Won’t see this unless I hear its good. Delayed due to CV from April 10 and Nov 20, 2020.
Oct 8, 2021Survive the GameBruce Willis cops vs. drug dealers.
Oct 15, 2021 Halloween KillsJamie Lee Curtis returns in yet another Michael Myers slasher. Ho hum. Delayed due to CV from Oct 18, 2020.
Oct 15, 2021TheatersThe Last DuelHistorical drama where Matt Damon’s wife accuses Adam Driver of assault, leading to a duel to the death.
Oct 15, 2021American NightAfter a thief steals a mobster’s prize painting, all hell breaks loose.
Oct 15, 2021Needle in a TimestackRomantic time travel story.
Oct 19, 2021
(Sep 3)
PVOD (Theaters)Shang-ChiMarvel martial arts based superhero. Delayed from May 7, 2021 due to CV.
Oct 19, 2021Last Man DownRevenge/dystopian future pic. Looks pretty mindless.
Oct 21, 2021HBOmaxDuneOne of the GOAT science fiction novels. I’m in. Here’s hoping it’s good. Delayed due to CV from Dec 18, 2020.
Oct 22, 2021TheatersLast Night in SohoAnya Taylor Joy stars in this trippy looking horror film.
Oct 22, 2021ShudderSeanceGirl school horror.
Oct 22, 2021WarningCrazy looking science fiction.
Oct 27, 2021NetflixHypnoticA woman is controlled by an evil psychotherapist.
Oct 29, 2021AntlersGuillermo De’Torro horror about a Wendigo. Will at least stream this. Delayed due to CV from Apr 17, 2020. It then “lost” its Feb 19, 2021 release date.
Oct 29, 2021The Spine of NightRotoscope animated fantasy film.
Nov 5, 2021 The EternalsA new entry to the Marvel universe. May see it if I hear its good. Delayed due to CV from Nov 6, 2020 and Feb 12, 2021.
Nov 5, 2021AppleFinchAfter a solar flare bakes the earth, Tom “Mr. Rogers” Hanks befriends a dog, builds a robot, and tries to survive.
Nov 5, 2021Hell Hath No FuryA French woman helps American soldiers look for Nazi gold after WWII.
Nov 11, 2021Ghostbusters: AfterlifeWill probably at least stream this. Has Paul “Antman” Rudd and Fynn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Delayed due to CV from Jul 10, 2020.
Nov 12, 2021NetflixRed NoticeThe Rock is FBI. Helped by crook Ryan “Deadpool” Reynolds, he’s hunting crook Gal “Wonder Woman” Gadot.
Nov 12, 2021ApexBruce Willis is hunted for sport.
Nov 12, 2021Night RaidersDystopian science fiction produced by Taika Waititi.
Nov 19, 2021 Mission Impossible 7Another one? May stream this.
Nov 19, 2021Zeros and OnesEthan Hawke in a thriller where he must save the world.
Nov 24, 2021Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon CityMore zambies, this time based on the video game, but not part of the exiting franchise.
Nov 26, 2021The Last RiteExorcism horror film.
Fall 2021WeRussian dystopian future science fiction based on a famous novel.
Dec 17, 2021 Spider-Man: No Way HomeThe third movie in the Tom Holland led MCU crossover Spider-Man films. This one will be a multiverse film.
Dec 22, 2021HBOmaxMatrix 4A sequel to the Matrix trilogy.
Dec 22, 2021TheatersThe King’s ManA prequel to the Kingsmen films. The full trailer looks pretty awesome. Delayed from Sep 2020 due to CV.
2021The Jack in the Box: AwakeningA dying woman makes a deal wit ha demon in a sequel to a horror film I haven’t seen.
2021SpacewalkerRussian historical dramatization of the first spacewalk.
2021The Mad HatterTrippy looking horror
2021NetflixThe Harder They FallIdris “Luther” Elba leads a band of black outlaws in the old west.
2021MemoriaTrippy looking art film with Tilda Swinton.
2021?The ConventFreaky looking “I see dead people” horror film.
Jan 7, 2022TheatersThe 355Jessica Chastain in yet another girl power baby Chuck’s Broads ripoff.
Jan 7, 2022Operation MincemeatColin “Darcy” Firth stars in this spy thriller set in world war II.
Jan 13, 2022ScreamFollow on to the original slasher with several original cast members returning.
Jan 14, 2022AppleThe Tragedy of MacBethDenzel Washington is a Scottish lord in Shakespear’s classic tale.
Jan 28, 2022MorbiusJared Leto enters the Spider-Verse as the titular vampire. Will he redeem himself after his failure as Joker in Suicide Squad? Here’s hoping. Delayed due to CV from Jul 31, 2020.
Feb 4, 2022MoonfallScience fiction film where the moon falls to earth.
Feb 4, 2022The Black PhoneA boy abducted by a serial killer is helped by the ghosts of his previous victims.
Feb 11, 2022UnchartedPrequel to the action video game starring Tom “Spidey” Holland.
Mar 4, 2022The BatmanRobert “Edward” Pattinson stars in yet another Batman reboot with Colin “Lobster” Farrell as the Penguin. Will see in the theatre if I hear it’s good. Delayed due to CV from Oct 1, 2021.
Apr 8, 2022 Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sequel to the video game based film. Haven’t seen the first one yet.
Apr 8, 2022Bullet TrainI am motherf&%$ing tired of these motherfu&%$ing 5 assassins on this motherf&%$ing train. Brad Pitt stars.
Apr 15, 2022Fantastic Beasts 3: The Secrets of DumbledoreThird film in the Harry Potter prequel series. Mads “Hannibal” Mikkelsen replaces Johnny “Jack” Depp as Grindlewald.
May 6, 2022Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDoctor Strange (Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch) returns, possibly joined by the Scarlet Witch. Will see this unless I hear it’s bad.
May 20, 2022Legally Blonde 3Second one sucked, so no. Delayed due to CV from May 8, 2020.
May 20, 2022DC League of SuperpetsDwayne “The Rock” Johnson voices Superdog in this animated film.
May 27, 2022Mission Impossible 7Tom “Mavrick” Cruise and Simon “Scotty” Pegg return.
May 27 2022John Wick 4Keanu “Neo” Reeves returns for more.
Jun 10, 2022Jurassic World: DominionThird in the Jurassic World trilogy. Guess I should watch Fallen Kingdom. Delayed due to CV from Jun 11, 2021.
Jun 17, 2022LightyearBuzz Lightyear origin story with Buzz voiced by Chris “Cap” Evans.
Jul 8, 2022Thor Love and Thunder
The fourth Thor film, and the second by Taika Watiti. Thorina (Jane Foster Thor) has been teased. Christain Bale will play Gorr the God Butcher. Will see this if I hear it’s good.
Aug 29, 2022Black AdamThe Rock stars as one of DC’s Shazam villains.
Oct 7, 2022 Into the Spider-Verse sequelAnimated Miles Morales Spiderman. Will probably wait for this to come to video.
Nov 4, 2022The FlashDC superhero film based on the Flashpoint story arc.
Nov 4, 2022Mission Impossible 8May stream this.
Nov 11, 2022Black Panther: Wakanda Forever
More Marvel. With the death of Chadwick Bosman, this film will likely focus on the Black Panther’s sister. I might stream it if I hear it’s good.
Dec 16, 2022 Avatar sequelI loved the original, and definitely a theatre movie
Dec 16, 2022Aquaman 2May see this in the theatre.
Feb 17, 2023The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2)
More Marvel. This time, Brie Larson will be joined by big hands Ms. Marvel. Will only see this if I hear it’s great.
May 3, 2023Dungeons and DragonsChris “Kirk” Pine and Hugh “Cleaver” Grant star. Hope this is better than the last POS D&D film.
May 5, 2023Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3The guardians return
Jun 2, 2023Shazam! Fury of the GodsMay stream unless I hear it’s great.
Jun 30, 2023Indiana Jones 5Harrison Ford returns, directed by James Mangold. Indie gets a new side kick: Phoebe “L3-37” Waller-Bridge, who was horrible in Soylo: A Star Wars Story.
Aug 28, 2023Ant-man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaPaul Rudd and Evangelina Lily go up against Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors, who sucked in Loki.
Dec 2023Disney+Star Wars: Rogue SquadronLive action (presumably) Star Wars film from Wonder Woman directory Patty Jenkins.
Dec 2025Disney+Star Wars: UntitledTaika Waititi’s Star Wars film.
Dec 2027Disney+Star Wars: UntitledKevin Fiege produces, Michael Waldren (Loki, Dr. Strange 2) writes.
  The Fantastic VoyagePresumably a remake of the Isaac Asimov novel.
Survival GameRussian (dubbed) science fiction about a futuristic video game.
Post May 2023Fantastic FourAn MCU reboot of this super hero story.
ParallaxScience fiction where a woman wakes in a life she doesn’t recognize. Had a limited theatrical release July 10, 2020.
The Girl Who Got AwayA serial killer is released from jail and comes after her surviving victim.
The SurvivalistPost apocalyptic action film with John Malkovitch as the baddy.