JMdB: Newer and Upcoming Movies

Here’s a list of upcoming and recently released movies that look interesting (or not worth watching). I’ll continue to update it as new films are announced.

Last Major Update: January 1, 2022





Jan 3, 2022The Jack in the Box: AwakeningA dying woman makes a deal with a demon in a sequel to a horror film I haven’t seen.
Jan 7, 2022VODThe CommandoCommando vs. bikers.
Jan 7, 2022The KindredRevenants terrorize a young woman.
Jan 11, 2022VODRun & GunA criminal finds it’s hard to leave his past behind.
Jan 11, 2022VODThe Legend of La LloronaMexican horror starring Danny “Machete” Trejo.
Jan 14, 2022TheatersBelle (Ryû To Sobakasu No Hime)Anime about a shy girl who becomes an online superstar in VR.
Jan 14, 2022AppleThe Tragedy of MacbethDenzel Washington is a Scottish lord in Shakespeare’s classic tale.
Jan 14, 2022The Free FallThriller about a woman who attempts suicide.
Jan 21, 2022Operation FortuneJason Statham goes up against Hugh “Cleaver” Grant in this Guy Ritchie thriller.
Feb 1, 2002VODWar HuntHorror with Nazis and Mickie Rourke
Feb 4, 2022Theaters* MoonfallScience fiction film where the moon falls to earth. Massive bomb.
Feb 4, 2022The Long Night (AKA The Coven)Horror about a satanic cult.
Feb 8, 2022DVDApexBruce Willis is hunted for sport.
Feb 10, 2022AustraliaWyrmwood: ApocalypseSequel to the 2014 Aussie zambie film which I haven’t seen. Mad Max meets Dawn of the Dead.
Feb 11, 2022TheatersBlacklightLiam “Quigon” Neeson is a bad ass spy again.
Feb 17, 2022NetflixFistfull of VengeanceTony Jaa martial arts action film. Looks nuts. A sequel to the mediocre “Wu Assassin” series.
Feb 18, 2022Theaters** UnchartedPrequel to the action video game starring Tom “Spidey” Holland and “Marky” Mark Whalberg.
Feb 18, 2022TheatersThe CursedPeriod piece horror.
Feb 18, 2022NetflixThe Texas Chainsaw MassacreYet another reboot.
Feb 22, 2022DVD* The King’s ManA prequel to the Kingsmen films. The full trailer looks pretty awesome. Delayed from Sep 2020 due to CV.
Feb 22, 2022
(Jan 7)
The 355Jessica Chastain in yet another girl power baby Chuck’s Broads ripoff. A massive bomb.
Feb 25, 2022TheatersThe OutfitA tailor is used as an information exchange by the mob.
Feb 25, 2022TheatersStudio 666The Foo Fighters record their new album in a haunted mansion.
Feb 25, 2022Big Gold BrickArtsy comedy that looks trippy.
Mar 2, 2022Disney+West Side StorySteven Spielberg’s remake of the musical.
Mar 8, 2022A Writer’s OdysseyCrazy looking oriental fantasy (dubbed).
Mar 8, 2022TVThe Mad HatterTrippy looking horror. Had a limited run in US theaters in 2021.
Mar 8, 2022
(Jan 13)
Scream (5)Follow on to the original slasher with several original cast members returning.
Mar 10, 2022Netflix*** The Adam ProjectRyan “Deadpool” Reynolds reteams with the producers of Free Guy in this time travel science fiction story.
Mar 15, 2022VOD*** Spider-man No Way HomeThird entry in the MCU Spider-man reboot brings back the sinister 6 and previous incarnations of Spiderman.
Mar 15, 2022Project ‘Gemini’Terraformers on an alien planet encounter an alien life form.
Mar 17, 2022Operation Fortune (Ruse de Guerre)Jason Statham is a spy who must prevent a new weapon from being sold to the baddies.
Mar 17, 2022UnwelcomeModern day horror with goblins. Colm “O’Brien” Meanie has a part.
Mar 18, 2022NetflixBlack Crab (AKA Svart Crabba)Post apocalyptic war movie.
Mar 18, 2022TheatersUmmaSandra Oh is terrorized by the ghost of her mother.
Mar 25, 2022TheatersEverything, Everywhere, All At OnceTrippy looking fantasy with Michelle Yeoh,
Apr 1, 2022** MorbiusJared Leto enters the Spider-Verse as the titular vampire in an attempt to redeem himself after his failure as Joker in Suicide Squad. Delayed due to CV from Jul 31, 2020.
Apr 1, 2022VODThe ContractorChris “Kirk 2” Pine is an ex-soldier recruited to do covert dirty work who goes rogue.
Apr 1, 2022TheatersYou Won’t Be AloneForeign language art film where a girl is kidnapped and turned into a witch.
Apr 6, 2022
(~May 30)
* Fantastic Beasts 3: The Secrets of DumbledoreThird film in the Harry Potter prequel series. Mads “Hannibal” Mikkelsen replaces Johnny “Jack” Depp as Grindlewald.
Apr 8, 2022Prime** All the Old KnivesEspionage thriller with Chris “Kirk” Pine and Lawrence “Morphius” Fishburn.
Apr 8, 2022 Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sequel to the video game based film. Haven’t seen the first one yet. Jim “Grinch” Carrie returns as Robotnic and Tails and Knuckles are in.
Apr 8, 2022Bullet TrainI am motherf&%$ing tired of these motherfu&%$ing assassins on this motherf&%$ing train. Brad Pitt stars.
Apr 8, 2022VODYou Are Not My MotherA girls mother disappears, and on her return, she’s not quite right.
Apr 8, 2022VOD* Agent GameSpy thriller with Mel “Max” Gibson and Jason “Lucias” Isaacs.
Apr 14, 2022After YangColin “Lobster” Farrel’s robot child dies.
Apr 15, 2022NetflixChoose or DieHorror about a reality warping video game.
Apr 19, 2022
(Mar 4)
**** The BatmanRobert “Edward” Pattinson stars in yet another Batman reboot with Colin “Lobster” Farrell as the Penguin. Will see in the theatre if I hear it’s good. Delayed due to CV from Oct 1, 2021.
Apt 19, 2022VODThe Exorcism of GodA priest is possessed by the demon he exorcises.
Apr 22, 2022TheatersThe NorthmanAlexander Skarsgard stars in this historical Viking drama.
Apr 26, 2022DVD ExpiredHugo “Smith” Weaving in a science fiction set in the future.
Apr 29, 2022AppleShining GirlsTrippy looking supernatural murder mystery.
Apr 29, 2022MemoryLiam Neeson is once again a man with a particular set of skills.
Apr 29, 2022VODCorrective MeasuresIncarcerate cons develop super powers. Bruce “McClane” Willis and Michael “Yondu” Rooker star.
May 6, 2022Theaters** Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessDoctor Strange (Benedict “Sherlock” Cumberbatch) returns, possibly joined by the Scarlet Witch. Will see this unless I hear it’s bad.
May 11, 2022NetflixOperation MincemeatColin “Darcy” Firth stars in this spy thriller set in world war II.
May 13, 2022PeacockFirestarterRemake of the Stephen King story. Yawn.
May 17, 2022VODECCOBourne like assassin film that had a limited release in 2019.
May 20, 2022Legally Blonde 3Second one sucked, so no. Delayed due to CV from May 8, 2020.
May 20, 2022TheatersDownton Abbey: A New EraSecond movie carrying on the British series
May 20, 2022MenHorror about a woman on vacation after the death of her ex-husband.
May 27, 2022TheatersTop Gun 2: MaverickTom Cruise returns. Will see this if I hear it’s good, otherwise likely stream it. Delayed due to CV from Jun 26, 2020.
May 27, 2022Limited ReleaseThere Are No SaintsRevenge pic. Looks brutal.
Jun 2, 2022PanamaMel “Max” Gibson is a CIA operative in Panama.
Jun 3, 2022UnhumanTeen comedy with zambies.
Jun 3, 2002White ElephantMichael “Yondu” Rooker is a mob enforcer who turns against his boss, Bruce “Korben” Willis.
Jun 3, 2022Crimes of the FutureDystopian near future science fiction from David Kronenburg.
Jun 3, 2022 Blu-rayMemoriaTrippy looking art film with Tilda Swinton. Released at film festivals in 2021 and 2022.
Jun 6, 2022VOD9 BulletsLena “Circe” Heady and a small boy are on the run from assassins.
Jun 7, 2022DVDEraser: RebornA sequel to the Schwarzenegger film without Arnold.
Jun 10, 2022Jurassic World: DominionThird in the Jurassic World trilogy. Guess I should watch Fallen Kingdom. Delayed due to CV from Jun 11, 2021.
Jun 16, 2022VODUnderground MonsterChinese monster movie.
Jun 17, 2022LightyearBuzz Lightyear origin story with Buzz voiced by Chris “Cap” Evans.
Jun 17, 2022Netflix** SpiderheadInmates can reduce their sentences by volunteering to be experimented on by Chris “Thor” Hemsworth.
Jun 24, 2022Black PhoneA boy abducted by a serial killer is helped by the ghosts of his previous victims.
Jun 24, 2022ElvisBio pic.
Jun 29, 2022DVDCryoScience fiction.
Jul 1, 2022Minions: The Rise of GruThe original (Despicable Me) was OK; haven’t watched any of the sequels. Delayed due to CV from Jul 3, 2020.
Jul 1, 2022Hot SeatMel “Max” Gibson must save an ex-hacker being forced to hack into a bank.
Jul 1, 2022Code Name BansheeAntonio “Puss” Banderas needs saving by his protege girl power assassin.
Jul 8, 2022** Thor Love and Thunder
The fourth Thor film, and the second by Taika Watiti. Natalie “Padme” Potrman returns as Thorina (Jane Foster Thor). Christain Bal plays Gorr the God Butcher.
Jul 8, 2022NetflixThe Sea BeastAnimate film about sea monster hunters.
Jul 15, 2022VODShe WillArt horror film billed as “delivering otherworldly feminist vengeance”. Sigh.
Jul 20, 2022AlienoidKorean time travel, science fiction, fantasy, martial arts film. Looks epic.
Jul 22, 2022Netflix** The Gray ManRyan Gosling is a super spy and Chris “Cap” Evans wants to kill him. Directed by the Russo brothers (directors of Infinity War and Endgame).
Jul 28, 2022Shen Bing Te Gong (VR Fighter)Singaporean science fiction involving military waldos.
Jul 29, 2022DC League of SuperpetsDwayne “The Rock” Johnson voices Superdog in this animated film.
Jul 29, 2022ResurrectionA woman is terrorized by a man from her past.
Aug 5, 2022Theaters** Bullet TrainBrad “Tyler” Pitt, Sandra “Miss Congeniality” Bullock and assassins on a train.
Aug 5, 2022Bodies, Bodies, BodiesChick slasher/comedy that looks cringey.
Aug 5, 2022SaloumAfrican French language fantasy film.
Aug 10, 2022Bullet ProofA man who has robbed a criminal goes on the run with the crooks wife.
Aug 11, 2022VODApache JunctionR rated western. Had a limited run in US theaters in 2021.
Aug 12,
Netflix* Day ShiftJamie Foxx is a vampire hunter.
Aug 12, 2022SummeringAll girl Stand By Me.
Aug 15, 2022VODMonstrousChristina “Wednesday” Ricci is terrorized by a monster. Limited US release on May 13.
Aug 16, 2022DVDBlowbackRandy “The Natural” Couture stars in this revenge pic. Might blow. Limited US release on June 17.
Aug 18, 2022The LakeThai monster movie.
Aug 19, 2022Paramount+Orphan: First KillAn escaped mental patient impersonates a missing child.
Aug 19, 2022TheatersBeastIdris “Luther” Elba goes on safari and runs into a man-eating lion.
Aug 22, 2022DVDDeusA mysterious black sphere is found orbiting Mars.
Aug 26, 2022The BrideDracula spin-off
Aug 26, 2022PrimeSamaritanA young boy discovers that a garbage man (Sylvester “Rambo” Stallone) is actually a superhero who disappeared twenty years ago.
Aug 26, 2022The InvitationA woman is invited to a mansion full of vampires.
Aug 31, 2022Three Thousand Years of LongingTilda “the Ancient One”
Swinton releases a genii (Idris “Luther” Elba) and craziness ensues.
Aug 31,
BarbarianBill “Pennywise” Skarsgaard invites a woman in to his happy home.
Sep 1, 2022AMCPantheonAnimated cyberpunk where humans can be uploaded into the metaverse. Looks epic.
Sep 26, 2022VODHinterlandGerman language story of a WWI vet tracking a serial killer.
Sep 9, 2022TheatersMedievalHistorical romance with Michael Caine and Mathew “Ozymandius” Goode.
Sep 9, 2022TheatersHouse of DarknessJustin Long ends up with more than he bargained for while trying to bang Lucy Westenra.
Sep 15, 2022RubikonEarth loses its atmosphere and the crew of a space station have developed the only hope of survival.
Sep 16, 2022Moonage DaydreamBowie documentary bio pic
Sep 16, 2022PrimeGoodnight, MommyTwo small boys don’t recognize their mother after she has plastic surgery.
Sep 16, 2022God’s CountryThandiwe Newton (Westworld) stars in this thriller shown at the Stardance file festival.
Sep 20, 2022VODRestart the EarthChinese apocalyptic science fiction film where scientists have genetically engineered killer plants.
Sep 21, 2022Blu-rayEmily the CriminalAubrey Plaza becomes a criminal. Limited US release on August 12.
Sep 22, 2022ShudderRaven’s HollowHistorical horror with a fictional Edgar Allen Poe as a character.
Sep 23, 2022Don’t Worry DarlingStepford Wives looking science fiction with Chris “Kirk 2” Pine and Florence “Yolena” Pugh.
Sep 23, 2022NetflixLouWhen a girl is kidnapped, her mother is helped by her mysterious neighbour.
Sep 23, 2022VODThe Infernal MachineAn author whose novel inspired a murder is harassed.
Sep 27, 2022VODNixCreepy looking monster horror.
Sep 30, 2022VODVesperInteresting looking science fiction film.
Sep 30, 2022SmileYet another “see this and you have X days to live” horror.
Sep 30, 2022VODMona Lisa and the Blood MoonA girl with powers escapes from a mental institution.
Oct 1, 2022NetflixLast Seen AliveGerard “Leonides” Butler in a new thriller
Oct 7, 2022TheatersDon’t Look at the DemonParanormal investigators
Oct 7, 2022Disney+** Werewolf by NightMarvel horror/comedy special.
Oct 10, 2022HuluGrimcuttyA girl is terrorized by a monster only she can see.
Oct 13, 2022NetflixThe WatcherCreepy stalker story
Oct 14, 2022TheatersHalloween EndsJamie Lee Curtis returns to fight Michael Myer one more time.
Oct 14, 2022Stars at NoonErotic spy thriller.
Oct 14, 2022DVDDeus: The Dark SphereExplorers from a dying earth find an alien sphere.
Oct 19, 2022NetflixThe School for Good and EvilAll girl Once Upon a Time/Harry Potter mash up from Paul Feig, director of the infamous Ghostbusters 2016.
Oct 21, 2022Black AdamThe Rock stars as one of DC’s Shazam villains.
Oct 21, 2022HuluMatriarchAfter an overdose, a woman returns to her home to find horror.
Oct 28, 2022TheatersPrey for the DevilA young nun whose mother was possessed learns about exorcism.
Oct 28, 2022The LairHuman/alien hybrids in a bunker in Afghanistan.
Nov 4, 2022Mission Impossible 8May stream this.
Nov 14, 2022VODThe FearwayHorror where a couple is hunted on a highway they can’t leave.
Nov 18, 2022Netflix** SlumberlandA girl enters the world of dreams, guided by Jason “Aquaman” Momoa.
Nov 23, 2022Strange WorldDisney animated science fiction. Alien world looks cool, but characters look meh.
Nov 25, 2022Bones and AllTimothy “Muad’dib” Shalomet is a killer in love.
Dec 1, 2022NetflixTrollGiant trolls in a Nordic film.
Dec 2, 2022VODSavage SalvationA man seeks revenge when his lover dies of an overdose. De Niro is a cop, Malkovitch is the baddy.
Dec 9, 2022 VODBlack WarrantAn aging assassin interferes with the investigation of a terrorist.
Dec 9, 2022 (limited)RepeaterTotal Jon Wick clone
Dec 16, 2022 Avatar: The Way of WaterI loved the original, and definitely a theatre movie
Dec 16, 2022PrimeNannyHorror revolving around an African immigrant.
Dec 16, 2022VODAs Good as DeadA man in hiding from the mob (Michael Jai “Spawn” White) is revealed by his martial arts protege.
Dec 16, 2022DVDThor, God of ThunderMythological fantasy set in modern day. Thor must save the earth from Loki. Limited US release on July 8.
Dec 20, 2022VODWifelikeScience fiction where robot rights activists hack a man’s AI waifu.
Dec 23, 2022Netflix** Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryDaniel Craig returns for another case.
Dec 30, 2022VODProject Wolf HuntKorean film. What if Deadpool/Wolverine was a bad guy?
2022BlankA writer goes into an AI automated retreat to cure her writers block. Open the pod bay doors, Hal. Limited US release on Sep 23.
2022VODOrbitalA mega-structure is built around the Earth with dire consequences.
2022The BreachA murder investigation leads to the hell mouth. At film festivals in the end of August.
2022MetronomiconInsane looking Russian horror/fantasy.
2022Creature in the MistA Lovecraftian mist hits feudal China.
2022Section 8A murderer who is recruited as an assassin turns on the organization.
2022SaloumCrazy looking French language film from Africa
2022Legend of the White DragonCheezy looking B superhero film
Jan 12, 2023The Old WayWestern revenge pic with Nick Cage.
Jan 17, 2023VODThe Tomorrow JobTime travel/heist film
Jan 17, 2023VODWhat’s Wrong With the Children?Horror where kids jump into a pit and return evil. Pet Semitary light?
Feb 1, 2023
(Nov 11, 2022)
Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMore Marvel. With the death of Chadwick Bosman, this film will likely focus on the Black Panther’s sister. Villain is Prince Namor of Atlantis. I might stream it if I hear it’s good.
Feb 3, 2023Knock at the CabinTwo gay men and their kid are terrorized. Written by M. Night “I see dead people” Shyamalan.
Feb 9, 2023Devil ConspiracyA cult attempt to clone the antichrist from the shroud of Turin
Feb 13, 2023Ant-man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaPaul Rudd and Evangelina Lily go up against Kang the Conqueror, played by Jonathan Majors, who sucked in Loki.
Feb 24, 2023We Have a GhostDavid “Hopper” Harbor stars in this ghost comedy.
Mar 3, 2023Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesChris “Kirk 2” Pine leads the latest effort to bring the game to the screen.
Mar 10, 2023Theaters65Adam “Kylo” Driver crashes on an alien planet with dinosaurs.
Mar 13, 2023Shazam! Fury of the GodsWill wait to stream this unless I hear it’s great.
Mar 24, 2023John Wick Chapter 4Keanu “Neo” Reeves returns as badass John Wick.
Apr 14, 2023TheaterRenfieldNicholas “Beast” Holt is Renfield, servant of Dracula, played by Nick “Not The Bees” Cage. Looks crazy.
Apr 21, 2023Evil Dead RiseWarner Bros horror film
Apr, 2023Beau is AfraidJaoquin “Joker” Phoenix trips balls.
May 3, 2023Dungeons and DragonsChris “Kirk” Pine and Hugh “Cleaver” Grant star. Hope this is better than the last POS D&D film.
May 5, 2023Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3The guardians return
May 19, 2023Fast XAnother fast and furious movie.
May 24, 2023John Wick Chapter 4Keanu “Neo” Reeves returns
May 26,
The Little MermaidAnother live action remake.
May 2023NetflixThe MotherJennifer Lopez is a bad-ass assassin who comes out of retirement to protect her daughter.
Jun 2, 2023Across the Spider-Verse Part 1Animated Miles Morales Spiderman. Will probably wait for this to come to video.
Jun 9, 2023Transformers: Rise of the BeastsAnother transformers movie.
Jun 23, 2023The FlashDC superhero film based on the Flashpoint story arc.
Jun 30, 2023Indiana Jones 5Harrison Ford returns, directed by James Mangold. Indie gets a new side kick: Phoebe “L3-37” Waller-Bridge, who was horrible in Soylo: A Star Wars Story.
Jul 7, 2023Madam WebYet another Sony spiderverse film.
Jul 14, 2023Mission: Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 1Tom “Mavrick” Cruise and Simon “Scotty” Pegg return.
Jul 28, 2023The Marvels (Captain Marvel 2)More Marvel. This time, Brie Larson will be joined by big hands Ms. Marvel. Will only see this if I hear it’s great.
Aug 4, 2023Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesA new animated TMNT film with Seth Rogain.
Aug 11, 2023Haunted MansionDisney tries again to create a movie based on this ride.
Oct 6, 2023Kraven the HunterAnother Spiderman villain movie.
Oct 20, 2023Dune: Part TwoSequel to Denis Villeneuve’s Dune.
Nov 17, 2023The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and SnakesPrequel to the YA dystopian science fiction trilogy.
Nov 22, 2023WishDisney animated film.
Dec 15, 2023Ghostbusters 4Haven’t seen Afterlife yet. May see this.
Dec 20, 2023WonkaPrequel? to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’ll probably give this a miss.
Dec 22, 2023Star Trek 4A fourth movie in the rebooted series.
Dec 25, 2023Aquaman and the Lost KingdomJason “Drogo” Momoa returns.
Cancelled (Was Dec 2023)Disney+Star Wars: Rogue SquadronLive action (presumably) Star Wars film from Wonder Woman directory Patty Jenkins.
2023NetflixExtraction 2Chris “Thor” Hemsworth returns as a badass soldier.
2023Heart of StoneGal “Diana” Gadot stars in this action thriller.
2023Knights of the ZodiacAthena is reborn and a young man is destined to become one of her knights.
2023Gale (Stay Away from Oz)Dark take on the Wizard of Oz.
Jan 12, 2024El MuertoYet another Spiderman villain movie, this one about a Mexican wrestler.
Feb 16, 2024Madam WebGirl power spiderverse movie.
Mar 1, 2024ElioDisney animated film about a boy who is chosen to be an alien ambassador.
Mar 29, 2024Beyond the Spider-VerseMiles Moralis Spider-man returns for a third animated film
May 3, 2024Captain America: New World OrderFalcap gets his own movie.
Jul 25, 2024ThunderboltsMarvel’s answer to the suicide squad.
Sep 6, 2024BladeThe vampire hunter gets his ass rebooted into the MCU. Delayed from Nov 3, 2023.
Oct 4, 2024Joker: Folie a DeuxJaochin Pheonix returns, joined by Lada Gaga as Harley Quinn.
Nov 8, 2024Deadpool 3Hugh “Wolverine” Jackson joins Ryan Reynolds.
Feb 14, 2025Fantastic FourAn MCU reboot of this super hero story.
May 2, 2025Avengers: The Kang DynastyLooks like the Avengers will go up against Kang the conquerer
Dec 2025Disney+Star Wars: UntitledTaika Waititi’s Star Wars film.
May 1, 2026Avengers: Secret WarsSecond part of The Kang Dynasty?
Dec 2027Disney+Star Wars: UntitledKevin Fiege produces, Michael Waldren (Loki, Dr. Strange 2) writes.
The SpacewalkerRussian historical dramatization of the first spacewalk.
  The Fantastic VoyagePresumably a remake of the Isaac Asimov novel.
ParallaxScience fiction where a woman wakes in a life she doesn’t recognize. Had a limited theatrical release July 10, 2020.
The Girl Who Got AwayA serial killer is released from jail and comes after her surviving victim. Had a US only release Aug 20, 2021.
HuxleyPost apocalyptic science fiction on an alien planet. Looks nuts.
Rendezvous with RamaDenis Villeneuve (Dune, Blade Runner 2048) takes on the Arthur C Clarke (2001) novel.
Land of DreamsArt fantasy about a dream census taker. Had a limited release in the US in Sep 2022.
NetflixRebel MoonZack Snyder science fiction epic originally pitched as a Star Wars film.
Paradise CityBruce “MacLean” Willis hunts narco John “Barberino” Travolta in this Look Who’s Talkling reunion.