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Anti Soda Social Engineering

The Canadian Press has a new story titled Is a sugary drink ban workable in Canada’s urban centres? A better question would be: Why do authoritarian busybodies want to remove our freedom? Let’s see what’s up: The World Health Organization recommended … Continue reading

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Worst Movies/Series I Watched in 2017

I’m going to list the worst recent movies and series I watched this year, from least to most terrible. Before I do, some dishonorable mentions: Cinderella (2014) This is truly an awful film. I ran across it by accident. It … Continue reading

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US to Prohibit NDA Clauses Against Harassment Allegations

The CBC is reporting Weinstein abuse allegations prompt U.S. lawmakers to try to ban non-disclosure deals. Specifically, they are attempting to prohibit clauses that prevent disclosure of sexual misconduct. Sexual harassment and assault allegations against high-profile public figures have raised questions about … Continue reading

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Best Movies/Series of 2017

I’m going to list my favorite films and series of the year, with links to the reviews. Before I do, a couple of honorable mentions: Justice League This much maligned film was still pretty good, despite its flaws. If you … Continue reading

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Windows 10 for People Who Hate Windows

I hate Windows. I haven’t run it since the day my Windows Vista laptop took an update and bricked itself. Since then, I’ve run Ubuntu and Linux Mint Debian Edition. I just got a new Dell Inspirion 17/5000, which comes … Continue reading

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Review of “Luke Cage” (season 1)

* * C Luke Cage is the third Marvel superhero who has been given a series on Netflix. I found the series entertaining. Mike Colter is likeable as Luke, and Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) is an excellent villain. The story is … Continue reading

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The Letters of Saint Paul

The Christian bible (AKA the new testament) includes the gospels–stories of the life of Jesus–and Luke’s sequel, the book of Acts, the Revelation of John the Divine, and a large number of letters written by early Christians. The most famous … Continue reading

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The Mike Pence Rule: What Did You Expect?

The Huffington Post has a new article entitled Mike Pence’s Rule Is Not A Solution to Sexual Assault. People still aren’t understanding that rules like the Mike Pence Rule are not solutions to sexual assault, they are reactions to false … Continue reading

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Review of “Spider-Man: Homecoming”

* * * B The third reboot of Spider-Man begins with Homecoming. This time, Spider-Man (Tom Holland) is part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), and is working with Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.). The film starts with an unnecessary … Continue reading

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Which 2018 Movies will be Worth Seeing?

has posted a list of films to be released in 2018. I’m going to comment on the ones that look interesting, much as I did in September, but this time, looking at the entire year ahead. They are in chronological … Continue reading

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