JMdB: Newer and Upcoming Series

Here’s a list of upcoming series and seasons that look interesting (or not worth watching). I’ll continue to update it as new series and seasons are announced.

Releases From: Start of 2022

PlannedAirs OnSeriesThoughts
Jan 7, 2022AMCA Discovery of Witches – Season 3The conclusion to the fantasy epic. First two seasons are very good.
Jan 13, 2022HBOmaxPeacemakerA DC comics character played by John Cena in James Gunn’s upcoming The Suicide Squad film gets his own series.
Jan 14, 2022NetflixArchive 81A man investigates a cult.
Feb 4, 2022PrimeReacherJack Reacher hits the small screen.
Feb 18, 2022AppleSeverenceScience fiction where a company’s employees can’t access memories of their home lives while at work and vice versa.
Feb 20, 2022ePixFromA town that no one can leave is menaced by monsters
sFeb 28, 2022PeacockThe EndgameMorena “Inara” Baccarin stars in a gender swapped Black List.
Mar 3, 2022HBOmaxThe TouristJamie “Grey” Dornan is an amnesiac in this thriller miniseries.
Mar 3, 2022HBOmaxOur Flag Means DeathTaika Waititi is Blackbeard in this pirate comedy.
Mar 6, 2022StarzShining ValeCourtney “Monica” Cox and her dysfunctional family move into a haunted house.
Mar 10, 2022AMCThat Dirty Black BagA bounty hunter in the old west collects the heads of the men he hunts down in a bag.
Mar 24, 2022Paramount+HaloSeries based on the video game.
Mar 30, 2022Disney+Moon KnightOscar “Poe” Isaac is Marvel’s Batman like hero.
Apr 12, 2022BritboxWhy Didn’t They Ask EvansHugh “House” Laurie’s take on Agatha Cristie.
Apr 15, 2022PrimeThe Outer RangeJosh “Thanos” Brolin is a rancher in this mystery/thriller.
Apr 28, 2022HuluUnder the Banner of HeavenMurder mystery starring Andrew “Spidey 2” Garfield.
Apr 29, 2022PrimeUndone – Season 2The trippy rotoscope animated Undone starring Roza “Alita” Salizar returns.
May 5, 2022Paramount+Star Trek: Strange New WorldsAnson “Blackbolt” Mount reprises his role as Captain Pike (in season 2 of STD) in this new Star Trek series. Hopefully it won’t suck like a hoover.
May 13, 2022The Essex SerpentA widow (Claire “Yvaine” Danes) teams up with a pastor (Tom “Loki” Hiddleston) to investigate a cryptid.
May 15, 2022HBOmaxThe Time Traveller’s WifeScience fiction/romance about a woman whose husband involuntarily travels time.
May 16, 2022NetflixVampire in the GardenSubbed or dubbed anime horror set in a future world where vampires have mostly taken over.
May 20, 2022PrimeNight SkyAn elderly couple have a secret portal to other worlds in their cellar.
May 23, 2022ApplePrehistoric PlanetA new paleontology miniseries narrated by David Attenborough.
May 27, 2022Disney+Obi-wan KenobiEwan McGregor and Haiden Christianson return in this Star Wars series that takes place after the Revenge of the Sith.
May 27, 2022NetflixStranger Things – Season 4The paranormal science fiction/horror series returns.
Jun 2, 2022HuluThe Orville – Season 3Trailer is an epic space battle.
Jun 6, 2022HuluThe Old ManJeff “Starman” Bridges stars as an aging bad ass being hunted.
Jun 8, 2022Disney+Ms. MarvelMarvel’s giant handed Muslim teen aged superhero.
Jun 19, 2022TNTAnimal Kingdom – Season 6The crime family drama returns for a final season.
Jun 29, 2022Disney+Baymax!A animated series spun off from the excellent film “Big Hero 6”.
Jul 1, 2022PrimeThe Terminal ListChris “Starlord” Pratt is a soldier who, upon returning home, discovers something is wrong.
Jul 1, 2022ShowtimeWe Hunt Together – Season 2Murder mystery series. Haven’t seen season 1.
Jul 7, 2022AMCMoonhavenDominic “Merry” Monahan in post apocalyptic science fiction on the moon.
Jul 8, 2022AppleBlack BirdTaron “Eggsy” Egerton is a criminal who goes undercover in a maximum security prison in exchange for a chance for freedom.
Jul 14, 2022NetflixResident EvilAnother attempt to revive interest in the horror video game on screen. Looks meh.
Jul 21, 2022FXAmerican Horror StoriesEpisodic horror series.
Aug 5, 2022NetflixThe SandmanSeries based on the Neil Gaiman graphic novels.
Aug 17, 2022Disney+She-HulkYep, another one. Mark “Hulk” Ruffalo and Tim “Abomination” Roth will be in it.
Aug 21, 2022HBOmaxHouse of the DragonGame of Thrones prequel series set 200 years earlier with Matt “The Doctor” Smith
Sep 2, 2022Prime(Lord of the) Rings of PowerA series based on my favourite book. Galadriel has been cast. Hope its as good as the Peter Jackson films were.
Sep 2, 2022NetflixDevil in OhioA psychiatrist (Emily “Bones” Deschanel) takes in an escapee from a Satanic cult.
Sep 8, 2022PeacockLast LightA dystopian future begins to unfold in this Tom Clancy thriller series.
Sep 8, 2022NetflixThe Imperfects3 young people develop powers after being involuntarily experimented on.
Sep 13, 2022NetflixCyberpunk: EdgerunnersAnother video game based anime from CD Project Red. Looks cool.
Sep 15, 2022PeacockVampire AcademyBased on the YA novels.
Sep 20, 2022HuluRebootThe creator of an old comedy series (Paul Reiser) is brought back to helm a reboot for Hulu in this show about a show. Actually looks funny.
Sep 21, 2022Disney+AndorStar Wars series revolving around Cassian Andor of Rogue One.
Oct 2, 2022AMCInterview with the VampireSeries based on the Anne Rice novel.
Oct 7, 2022NetflixThe Midnight ClubA group of terminally ill teens make a pact to try to contact the living from the afterlife.
Oct 7, 2022ShowtimeLet the Right One InSeries based on the horrific vampire novel.
Oct 14, 2022AppleShantarumA wanted man (Charlie “Jax” Hunnam) flees to Bombay, seeking redemption but finding more trouble.
Oct 21, 2022PrimeThe PeripheralChloe Grace “Hitgirl” Moritz enters a William Gibson based future artificial reality.
Oct 25, 2022NetflixCabinet of CuriositiesGuillermo del Toro horror series.
Oct 26, 2022Disney+Tales of the JediAnimated short episodes featuring Asoka and Count Dooku.
Oct 28, 2022NetflixThe Bastard Son & The Devil HimselfA boy becomes a witch and learns he must kill his evil father.
Nov 16, 2022Disney+Santa ClausesTim “The Tool Man” Allen is retiring as Santa Clause and needs to hire his replacement.
Nov 17, 2022Netflix1899Period piece in English and German about a ghost ship.
Nov 30, 2022Disney+WillowWarwick Davis returns in a series based on the Lucusfilms fantasy.
Dec 14, 2022Disney+Nation Treasure: Edge of HistoryCageless sequel to the historical mystery films.
Dec 25, 2022NetflixThe Witcher: Blood OriginPrequel series that explains the origin of witchers with Michelle Yeoh.
Dec 26, 2022NetflixTreasonWhen the head of MI6 is poisoned, Charlie “Daredevil” Cox steps up to take his place.
Jan 5, 2023AMC+The Mayfair WitchesSeries based on the Anne Rice novel
Jan 15, 2023HBOmaxThe Last of UsBased on the post apocalyptic video game.
Jan 26, 2023Paramount+Wolf PackTeen werewolf series with Sarah Michelle “Buffy” Geller.
Feb 2023Disney+The Mandalorian – Season 3Pedro Pascal may merely voice act in this sequel. Should have lots of cross over with the other new series.
Spring 2023Disney+Secret InvasionNick Fury series starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben “Talos” Mendelson
Early 2023Disney+What If? – Season 2More of Marvel’s animated what if episodes.
Summer 2023Disney+EchoMore Marvel
Summer 2023Disney+Loki – Season 2More Loki, and Owen Wilson returns
Aug 11, 2023Disney+The AcolyteFemale-centric Star Wars series.
Fall 2023Disney+X-Men 97New animated X-Men in the style of the 90’s series.
Fall 2023Disney+IronheartIron Man is replaced by a teen aged black girl.
Winter 2023Disney+Agatha: Coven of ChaosMore Marvel
Spring 2023Disney+Daredevil: Born AgainCharlie Cox returns, this time in the MCU, as does Vincent “King Pin” Denofrio
2023Disney+Percy Jackson and the OlympiansA series based on Rick Reyerson’s YA fantasy novels.
2023Disney+American Born ChineseMichelle Yao in a Disney kung fantasy series.
2023SkyThe Last of UsPedro “Mando” Pascal survives a horrific apocalypse in this video game based series.
2024Disney+Marvel ZombiesMore Marvel animation
2024Disney+Spider-man: Freshman YearAnimated prequel to the MCU spider-man films.
TBDHBOThe SunJake Gillenhall crime family series.
TBDDisney+The Rangers of the New RepublicSpin off from The Mandalorian, possibly starring Gina “Cara Dune” Cerrano.
TBDDisney+AhsokaRosario Dawson stars as Anikan’s padawan in another The Mandalorian spin off.
TBDDisney+LandoStar Wars series following Lando Calrissian, from the creator of Dear White People.
TBDDisney+A Droid StoryAnimated series following R2D2 and C3PO.
TBDDisney+Armor WarsDon “War Machine” Cheadel must deal with Stark technology falling into the wrong hands.
TBDDisney+More Marvel
TBDNetflixTrollNetflix live action series about a troll in modern times
TBDNetflixOne PieceLive action adaptation of the manga. Hopefully won’t suck.
TBDDisney+National Treasure: Edge of HistoryNo Cage, but Riley is back. Catherine Zeta Jones is the villain.