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Why I Can’t Watch John Oliver

A friend suggested I give John Oliver, the cringe worthy British host of late night television, another try, this time on an issue where, in theory, he should have some skin in the game: The brexit. Here’s Oliver’s take on … Continue reading

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Britains Cut Loose from the European Flotilla

Whether or not you think the EU is a rag tag flotilla of boats that want to be a navy, you’ve got to admire the British for having the guts to go their own way, despite the protestations of the … Continue reading

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Zach King’s Magical Editing Skills

In this highly captivating 3-minute clip, Zach King, the self-proclaimed “Final Cut King”, demonstrates his editing skills to create what he describes as “magic vines”, 6-se… Source: Zach King’s Magical Editing Skills

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Tidal Pools

Neil Peart wrote this beautiful poem. It gets stuck in my head: When the ebbing tide retreats Along the rocky shoreline It leaves a trail of tidal pools In a short-lived galaxy Each microcosmic planet A complete society A simple … Continue reading

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