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Artificial Intelligence at the Drive Thru

The Washinton Post reports: At this fast-food drive-through, the person taking your order might not be a person at all. Welcome to the new era of fast food, where the robot revolution is well underway. The inexorable march toward automation … Continue reading

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Why Adapt Dracula?

Bram Stoker’s Dracula was published in 1897. It is fairly readable today, though there are some old words that are no longer in common use, and the sentence structure is convoluted in places. The original text is available for free … Continue reading

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Lovecraft and the Archetypes of Horror

I’ve embarked on another modern English adaptation of an HP Lovecraft story, this time “The Shunned House” (the original is available for free from Project Gutenberg). The story, published after Lovecraft’s untimely death in 1937, is Lovecraft’s take on the … Continue reading

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