Should Men be Forced to Marry?

nationalismThe Nationalist Today, a conservative blog, proclaims that “Men Going Their Own Way” must be stopped. Conservatives against freedom to pursue happiness in one’s own way? What are they saying?

The total fertility rate of the European Union as of 2014 was 1.58. That’s 1.58 children per family. Compare that to Niger at 6.62 or Mali at 5.95 babies per mother. In fact, France (with the highest European fertility rate of only 2.07 babies per mother) is in 108th place for fertility rates. The reason for this lack of children has all to do with the lack of marriages in European countries like France.

I’ve covered these statistics in other posts. How does this relate to the MGTOW movement?

The average number of marriages per 1,000 Europeans is only 4.2. Think about that. At this rate, European populations are going to quickly die out in a few decades as long as no couples and children are made.

Again, how is this important to men who have chosen to go their own way?

In order for nations to survive, they must have a stable population. At this rate, European populations are rapidly declining. The only thing that is stopping this decline in population is the rapid importation of people from other countries by people who have no stake in the future of their countries.

I don’t see how a you can justify the claim that a stable population is a requirement for the survival of a nation. At least in the short term, decline would relieve population pressure on the planet. Importing people from other countries is merely propping up the corporatists’ need for never ending growth (AKA greed). Maybe it would be a good thing if they didn’t get their way for a change.

The only thing that can counter this population decline is marriage and having lots of children. Unfortunately, we live in a culture that doesn’t encourage that. We see on TV and the news that having children is bad for the Earth (disregard the fact that there is a very small amount of European babies these days) and other “facts.” People also don’t feel enough commitment in relationships anymore. You have people who just move on from person to person and never commit to a serious relationship. This “Tinder” culture is one of the faults for the decline in the population, and MGTOW is the other.

So the dearth of births has been caused by only two things: hook up culture, and men who opt to go their own way. I find it hard to believe that either is a major factor in the massive decreases in birth rates. What about the fact that women are electing to have children later in life, and therefore aren’t able to have as many? What about women who choose to pursue careers and never have children?

Men Going Their Own Way all usually have experiences of rejection that usually stems from third-wave feminism that cause them to completely turn on women altogether. They blame feminists for their own shortcomings and then choose to abandon their chances of marrying and having families.

MGTOW as a rule don’t blame third wave feminism, though they do see it as making things worse, not better. They put the real blame on laws like no fault divorce and a family court system that favours women. What exactly are the “shortcomings” you claim they have? If they choose to abandon marriage and family, is that not their right?

When you combine this MGTOW culture, Tinder culture, and the Third Wave feminist Marxist culture (basically WGTOW), all you get is declining birthrates and the eventually destruction of a society. To prevent this, people need to connect to more traditional lifestyles in which families and marriages are prioritized or else we will see the eventual decay of Western societies.

Third wave feminists are hardly going their own way; they are actively shaping our society. I wouldn’t disagree that they bear some responsibility for hookup culture. Then again, if consenting adults want to hook up rather than marry, doesn’t that say something about the institution of marriage? As to the eventual decay of Western societies, I think we are already seeing it, and MGTOW are a reaction to it, rather than a cause of it.

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