Is Intersectional Feminism on the Ropes?

anne-hidalgoIn an article entitled “Paris black feminist festival ‘prohibited’ to whites sparks outrage“, the Associated French Press discuss the female mayor of Paris’s call to ban a festival that excludes white women. I think this would have been unheard of as recently as a year ago. I’m going to quote from the article and comment.

Four-fifths of the festival area will be set aside as a “non-mixed” space “for black women,” according to its website in French. Another space will be a “non-mixed” area “for black people” regardless of gender. Another space would be “open to all.”

Interesting. Some part of  20% of the conference is open to black men and not white women.

The English version of the site does not use the word “non-mixed,” but “reserved.”

That seems honest.

“I am asking for this festival to be banned,” [Paris mayor Anne] Hidalgo said, adding she also reserved the right “to prosecute the organisers for discrimination.”

Whoa! Prosecuting feminists for discrimination? Hidalgo’s got guts.

Police prefect Michel Delpuech said … the police “would ensure the rigorous compliance of the laws, values, and principles of the republic”.

Uh oh.

French antiracist and antisemitism organisations strongly condemned the festival.

  • SOS Racisme described the event as “a mistake, even an abomination, because it wallows in ethnic separation, whereas anti-racism is a movement which seeks to go beyond race.”
  • LICRA — the International League against Racism and Antisemitism — said “Rosa Parks would be turning in her grave,” a reference to the American civil rights icon.

The cultural centre La Generale, where the event was to be hosted, and the collective Mwasi, which organised the event, said Sunday they were the “target of a disinformation campaign and of ‘fake news’ orchestrated by the foulest far right.”

So SOS Racisme and LICRA are “the foulest far right”?

“We are saddened to see certain antiracist associations letting themselves be manipulated like this,” according to a statement posted on the Generale website.

Oh, no. They’re just idiots.

Are people (politicians, egalitarian movements) finally waking up to the fact that excluding anyone based on their skin color is racist? What’s next? Recognizing misandry? After Le Pen was defeated, the cultural Marxists no doubt breathed a sigh of relief. I guess now they are learning that the Front National are not the only force against them.

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