Memorial Day: Movies to Not See

Memorial Day weekend’s box office in 2015 was a historic low for the century. Well, 2017 has now surpassed 2015 as the Memorial Day Weekend Box Office Sinks to Lowest Point Since 1999.

dead-men-deppThe big blockbuster opening, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales made $62.6M in the US (with $208M more world wide), against its budget of $230M. Not bad, but even the atrociously bad On Stranger Tides made $260M outside the US. Still, with an IMDB rating of 7.2, Dead Men stands to do well in subsequent weeks.

The second biggest film was Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is in its 4th week. It made $20.6M over the weekend, bringing total sales of $334M on a budget of $200M. It’s success fits its IMDB rating: 8.1

The only other major film to open, Baywatch, made a mere $18.5M against a budget of $69M, with a lackluster IMDB rating of 5.6.

Alien Covenant made a paltry $10.6M in its second week, bringing total sales to $57M on a budget of $97M. It’s IMDB rating, 6.8, hints that it may continue to bring in sales, but domestically, it seems unlikely to earn back its budget.

Why are the numbers so dismal? First, only two big name titles opened on the weekend. Second, no one wants to see a movie based on a crappy 80’s TV show–sorry, Hasselhoff. Third: sequels.

I’ve seen GOTG2 (review here), and liked it, though not as much as its predecessor, which I loved. I will probably go out to see GOTG3. I will not be shelling out to watch a Pirates movie, nor have I since “On Stranger Tides”, which to me will always be “Giant Woman with Crabs”. Nor will I see Alien Covenant in a theater. After the mediocre “Alien 3”, I skipped “Requiem” and the AVP films. I was then, much to my chagrin, lured back by the call of Ridley Scott to see “Prometheus”. Never again!

Here’s hoping Wonder Woman lives up to the hype. Even after the sad mess that was Batman vs. Superman, I’m open to giving her a chance, particularly with an IMDB rating of 8.4.

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