Be Careful What You Wish For

free_speech_is_hate_speechFox News has an article that say that Twitter [is] carrying out [a] ‘concerted attack’ on free speech, feminists claim. Since feminists have made a concerted attack on the free speech of others, the irony in this is pretty thick. What has Jack done now?

Fair Play for Women, a self-described “group of ordinary women” who say they are concerned their voices are not heard when it comes to transgender rights, have accused Twitter of making a “concerted attack on women’s free speech.” In a letter to Martha Lane Fox, a member of Twitter’s board of directors and a member of Britain’s House of Lords, the U.K.-based group says that Twitter is deleting accounts or admonishing women for stating biological facts about men and women.

Kind of like when James Damore was fired from Google for stating biological facts about men and women.

“Women are being told they have violated Twitter rules against hateful conduct by simply stating biological and legal facts,” the group writes in its letter. “Women must not be shamed or silenced for speaking the reality.”

But it’s perfectly fine for men to be.

“This misogynistic, aggressive, violent movement, that has been embraced by the hard Left as the latest civil rights cause, has seen males colonize womanhood and hijack feminism for its own purposes.” – Fair Play for Women

So feminists who support transgender women are misogynist, violent, and have hijacked feminism? It’s a shame you never spoke up when it was happening to men. Don’t expect men to speak up for you.

Further in the letter, the women say they come from different walks of life (including mothers, members of the armed forces, unemployed and disabled) and are being admonished for saying “that males cannot become females,” that “women do not have penises” and “that women’s spaces such as refuges should be safe havens for women only.”

As I pointed out in my post Fractured Feminism: Is Identity Politics Failing?, this is the problem with victim mentality. You can’t claim that women have a right to invade men’s spaces but have their own private spaces because women are oppressed, and then prevent transgender women from entering women’s spaces.

“This misogynistic, aggressive, violent movement, that has been embraced by the hard Left as the latest civil rights cause, has seen males colonize womanhood and hijack feminism for its own purposes,” the women wrote in the letter.

And just as these women call men misogynistic, the LGBT movement will call them transphobic. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, ladies. Either men have a right to male only spaces, or you don’t have a right to transgender free spaces.

The group cited several examples of women’s accounts being compromised, including temporary limiting of certain features, for violating Twitter’s rules against hateful conduct.

Welcome to the club. Maybe you should have protested when Twitter banned Milo Yiannopolous.

“This is a concerted attack on women’s free speech,” the women added in the letter. “The words we use to describe ourselves, our bodies, our biology and our experiences as women are becoming unsayable.”

Yep. That’s why those who really believe in free speech defend all speech, including speech that we find offensive. It’s great to see hypocrites who called for conservatives and men’s rights activists to be banned get a taste of their own medicine.

They request that Lane Fox, who has sat on Twitter’s board of directors since April 2016, use her voice “to speak out against this new wave of misogyny and to stand up for women when we are being deprived of a platform from which to speak the truth.”

I hope Fox tells them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Either that or speaks out and gets fired for hate speech.

Trans activist Miranda Yardley said she was banned from Twitter for calling Green Party LGBT spokesperson Aimee Challenor, a trans woman, a man, the BBC reported. “According to the rules of Twitter, it is now ‘hateful conduct’ to call someone who is a man, a man,” Yardley wrote in a blog post.

But don’t you believe that gender is a social construct?

“The implication of this is that the concept of proscribed speech, things we are now not allowed to say, now extends to the truth. This is fundamentally illiberal,” she said.

Yardley is starting to sound a lot like Jordan Peterson.

Twitter has come under fire recently for purging groups of people who have violated its “hateful conduct policy.” In December 2017, Twitter began enforcing new rules to combat hateful and abusive content and a number of well-known far-right organizations and users were suspended.

But up until now, they’ve mostly been conservatives.

The changes, which were announced in November 2017, broaden Twitter’s “hateful conduct policy” to permanently suspend any account — covering usernames, profile bios and display names — that displays “violent threats, multiple slurs, epithets, racist or sexist tropes, incites fear or reduces someone to less than human.”

No free speech for you! Well, you can always use, the free speech social network. Of course, if you do, you’ll be mixing with everyone else who has been banned by Twitter.

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