Issues Raised by the Conservative Candidates

conservativeI’d like to briefly discuss some of the issues raised by the candidates for leadership of the conservative party of Canada.


I’m for immigration, but I believe we need people who are net positives for our country. This means that they should have the skills needed to find meaningful jobs that allow them to pay taxes, rather than relying on state benefits. We should be looking for people who are fluent in one of our two official languages, and are educated to a level that allows them work. We should give preference to people who have skills that we need.

Refugees should not be conflated with immigrants. Bringing in refugees is a charitable act. We have no obligation to do so, legal or moral. We do this because we want to. We should be reasonable in the number of refugees we bring, because many of them will be unable to contribute to our systems for a long time. It is foolish to try to do too much; that will lead to a backlash due to the hardships it imposes on the tax payers. We should consider funding resettlement in the region rather than bringing refugees here, as we can help far more people for the same amount of money.

Defense Spending

What are we defending against? I would rather see less money spent on the armed forces and taxes reduced. We need to determine a reasonable size for a standing army to defend our country, and then properly fund and maintain that force.

Settle Land Claims

We should settle these claims permanently. I would like to see settlements tied to getting natives off government assistance. Once the one time settlement is agreed to, a people should become citizens with the same rights that we all have.

Balanced Budget

We should require a balanced budget by law. We ought to get rid of the shell game where the federal government taxes us for services provided by the provinces. All transfer payments should be replaced by direct taxes by the provinces, and the federal government should butt out and let the provinces run healthcare and education.

Legalize Marijuana

It’s hard to believe this is an issue. Not supporting legalization is a deal breaker for me. I would go much further, decriminalizing, regulating, and taxing most drugs. Just think: rather than wasting money and lives combating Fentanol, we could regulate the problem out of existence.

End Corporate Welfare

The tax payer should not be bailing out failed businesses or propping up nonviable business models.

Canadian Values Test

We should not be bringing in immigrants who don’t agree with our charter of rights.

Abolish the CRTC

The CRTC has some useful function of regulating scarce resources like radio frequency bands that have to be shared fairly and allocated for emergency use (e.g. the police radio bands). It has a role as a watchdog on monopolies like the telephone and cable companies, who otherwise have an unfair advantage over consumers. The CRTC should have no control over content, other than in the emergency case.

Privatize Canada Post

This is something that is long overdue.

Free Trade

Free trade deals should be in the interest of Canadians, not corporations.

Corporate Tax Rate

Corporate tax rates should be reduced fairly, with personal income tax rates being reduced as well. Taxes should be decreased by having the government do less. Taxes should not be cut at the expense of running a deficit.

Carbon Tax

CO2 is not a pollutant. We need energy. I oppose any carbon tax that does not go 100% toward reducing emissions. Otherwise, it is just a general tax.

The CBC’s Budget

I think the CBC should be sold or defunded. The CBC news is biased. We don’t need to fund news and entertainment through taxes. I would rather see the funds used to reduce the deficit, cut taxes, or fund essential services.

Niqab Ban

I’m simply against this.


We need a reasonable policy on abortion. In my opinion, we need to agree on a (somewhat arbitrary) age at which we consider a fetus to be a person. Personally, I would find banning the morning after pill to be too authoritarian, but allowing the abortion of an infant that could survive outside the womb to be immoral. I hope we can agree on something between those two extremes.

Gay Marriage

I’m for this.

Student Debt Tax Credit

Students should be responsible for the debt they incur. Allowing students off the hook means they won’t be motivated to get an education that adds real value to economy.


The one conservative candidate who called for the GST to increase also called for the elimination of all corporate taxes. I would rather eliminate the GST and reduce spending. Corporations probably are better served by removing useless regulation that by reducing corporate taxes. Reducing regulation also reduces government spending.

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