Review of “Doctor Strange” (2007 anime)

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Dr. Strange has already appeared in two movies. The first was a failed TV series pilot made in 1978. It was pretty cool for its time, but special effects of the day were not up to the job, especially on the low budget it had. The second is the 2007 animated film. It was release straight to video. The animation is a bit simple, and the script is weak, but it captures the comic books well, and is worth a watch as a teaser for the upcoming live action film, if you know don’t mind knowing part of what will happen in the upcoming live action film.

Steven Strange is a brilliant neurosurgeon who doesn’t have time for anything but the high profile, difficult cases. A car accident damages his hands so badly that he can no longer perform surgery. After exhausting all possible medical avenues and his financial resources, he is approached by the mysterious Wong. He follows a map to a mysterious city in Tibet, where he learn that our world is under siege by a demonic beings. Dr. Strange must learn new skills and join those who defend the earth from the forces of evil.

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