The Gnostic Genesis: Eleleth’s Prophecy

In 1945, a cache of apocrypha (non-canonical religious texts) written by Gnostic Christians was discovered near Nag Hammadi in southern Egypt. Among them was a Gnostic retelling of the first 6 chapters of the book of Genesis: The Hypostasis of the Archons. The eight and final chapter is the conclusion of the dialog between Norea and the angel Eleleth:

“Sir, am I made from the same matter as the Archons?” asked Norea.

“You and your offspring come from the primeval father,” replied Eleleth. “Your souls come from above, out of the incorruptible light. Therefore, the Archons cannot approach them, since the spirit of truth resides in them, and all who know this exist deathless in the midst of dying people. Still, the children will not be revealed now. Instead, after three ages, the truth will be revealed and free them from the bondage of the Archons’ error.”

“Sir, how much longer will that be?” asked Norea.

prophecy_and_providence“Until the moment when a true human, with a modeled form, reveals the existence of the spirit of truth that the father has sent,” he said. “He will teach them everything, and anoint them with the unction of  eternal life, given to him by the generation without a king. Then they will be free of blind thought, and they will trample on death, which comes from the Archons. They will ascend into the limitless light where they belong. The Archons will relinquish their lives, and their angels will weep over their destruction, and their demons will lament their death. All the children of the light will know the truth and their source, and the father of all, and the holy spirit. They will all say with a single voice, ‘The father’s truth is just, and the son presides over all.’ And everyone, through the ages of ages, will say ‘Holy, holy, holy! Amen!’”

More interesting stuff:

  • Norea’s side of the dialog is (as in the previous chapter) written in the first person
  • Norea’s descendents have souls from the incorruptible realm, the true heaven
  • Knowledge (gnosis) of this truth gives immortality; this is the Gnostic doctrine
  • After 3 ages, Jesus will reveal the truth and anoint people with immortality
  • Who are the generation without a king who give Jesus the unction of eternal life?
  • Rather than inheriting an earthly kingdom, those who are saved will ascend to heaven

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