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Windows 10 Shits the Bed

I got a fun Christmas present from Microsoft. Yesterday, my 3 year experiment of once more running Windows ended with a whimper. I opened my laptop to find it frozen, something that seems to happen when an update arrives in … Continue reading

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Windows: Goodbye, McAfee, Hello Avast!

Windows 10 started lagging for me again. Checking the Task Manager, I saw that McAfee Module Core Service was using huge amounts of memory and disk was 100% again (probably due to swapping/thrashing). It is time to remove McAfee. To … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Performance: Disk at 100%

Windows 10 was lagging like crazy this morning. I opened the Task Manager (using Ctrl-Alt-Del) and discovered that the disk was running 100% of the time. I tried a bunch of things described in How to Fix: 100% Disk Usage … Continue reading

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Installing Python 2.7 on Windows

Python is one of the easiest to learn programming languages. It supports developing on Linux, Mac, and Windows. To install Python on Windows, you must have your OS in developer mode. To install Python 2.7 on Windows: Browse to¬†https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ Click … Continue reading

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Free Software for Windows

I’m a big fan of free software. Now that I’m (at least temporarily) back on Windows (10), I’m finding the Windows equivalents of all of the applications I grew to love on Linux. Here’s a list of them, which I’ll … Continue reading

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Windows 10 for People Who Hate Windows

I hate Windows. I haven’t run it since the day my Windows Vista laptop took an update and bricked itself. Since then, I’ve run Ubuntu and Linux Mint Debian Edition. I just got a new Dell Inspirion 17/5000, which comes … Continue reading

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