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Windows 10 Shits the Bed

I got a fun Christmas present from Microsoft. Yesterday, my 3 year experiment of once more running Windows ended with a whimper. I opened my laptop to find it frozen, something that seems to happen when an update arrives in … Continue reading

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Windows: Goodbye, McAfee, Hello Avast!

Windows 10 started lagging for me again. Checking the Task Manager, I saw that McAfee Module Core Service was using huge amounts of memory and disk was 100% again (probably due to swapping/thrashing). It is time to remove McAfee. To … Continue reading

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Windows 10 Performance: Disk at 100%

Windows 10 was lagging like crazy this morning. I opened the Task Manager (using Ctrl-Alt-Del) and discovered that the disk was running 100% of the time. I tried a bunch of things described in How to Fix: 100% Disk Usage … Continue reading

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Installing Python 2.7 on Windows

WHY ARE YOU READING THIS? Python 2 has been at the end of its life since January 1, 2020. It is no longer having security vulnerabilities patched. You should go read Installing Python 3 in Git Bash on Windows 10. Python … Continue reading

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Free Software for Windows

I’m a big fan of free software. Now that I’m (at least temporarily) back on Windows (10), I’m finding the Windows equivalents of all of the applications I grew to love on Linux. Here’s a list of them, which I’ll … Continue reading

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Windows 10 for People Who Hate Windows

I hate Windows. I haven’t run it since the day my Windows Vista laptop took an update and bricked itself. Since then, I’ve run Ubuntu and Linux Mint Debian Edition. I just got a new Dell Inspirion 17/5000, which comes … Continue reading

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