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Which Upcoming Movies Will Be Worth Paying to See on the Big Screen?

Here are the theatrical release dates of movies upcoming in the next year that I’m interested in so far. There are plenty of titles that I haven’t heard anything about that I may get excited about, but for now, these … Continue reading

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Why Hollywood Keeps Making Sequels to Rebooted Superhero Films

According to the Guardian, even superheroes may not be able to save Hollywood’s desperate summer. I’m beginning to think they helped cause it. When the ticket stubs for summer are totaled up, they will paint a bleak picture: takings are … Continue reading

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Why do We Watch Sequels?

Film studios make sequels because, when an audience loved an original, they are more likely to cough up cash to watch a sequel to it. The studios’ actions make complete sense. But given how bad almost every sequel is, why … Continue reading

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