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I Actually Agree With The Guardian (Mostly)

The Guardian’s George Monbiot opines that We can’t build our way out of the environmental crisis. I agree. The only solution to environmental sustainability is to reduce the world population. Let’s see what George has to say. In the UK, … Continue reading

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Lock Downs Are Not the Solution to Global Warming

First, it was “global warming”, then “climate change”, “global heating”, “climate crisis”. Now Vox proclaims that “Back to normal” puts us back on the path to climate catastrophe. The constant ratcheting up of the terminology makes the media look like … Continue reading

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Green Energy Fans Think 100% = 20%

Someone quoted the following article at me: Did Germany Really Surpass 100% Renewable Power? They claimed this as evidence that its possible for the US to move to 100% wind and solar energy. But, if you look in this very … Continue reading

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