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Rationality Rules Argument Against Personal Experience: Debunked!

Stephen Woodford attempts to debunk all arguments from personal experience in his video¬†The Argument from Personal Experience – Debunked (Why Personal Experiences are NOT Proof). While I agree that the personal experiences of others are not proof, disregarding them out … Continue reading

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The Secret Book of John: Six Questions About the Soul

Previous Chapter: Cain, Abel, and Seth Among the ancient Gnostic manuscripts rediscovered in modern times, the Secret Book of John is one of the most important. It a sacred reservoir of Gnostic myth and revelation.¬† It breathes with the life … Continue reading

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Review of “I Origins”

* D I Origins tries to explore the deep spiritual issues of reincarnation and destiny through the eyes of an atheist scientist. The pace is slow, and the film dies a little in the second act. For me, the concluding … Continue reading

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