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Trolls Attack Cathy Newman – All White Men Blamed

The Independent has an article on Cathy Newman’s interview of fellow Canadian Jordan Peterson titled Misogynistic abuse against Cathy Newman is a symbol of the backlash against the MeToo movement. The subtitle of the article–“When white men feel they are … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Judge

Previous Post: The Knave of Swords The fourth of the seven archetypes I’m going to discuss is the Judge. This is a fairly powerful way of relating with the world. Judges are masters of compromise, and of following precedent, AKA … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Hermit

The hermit is one of seven archetypes that define the most common ways that people relate to the world. While being the weakest archetype, it is nevertheless one that I’ve come across on numerous occasions. What do I mean when … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics

I recently finished the book “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics” by Anonymous Conservative. This book proposes that conservatism and liberalism are outgrowths of human psychologies that have evolved based on r/K Selection Theory. The book has influenced some prominent conservative … Continue reading

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