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Toronto Star Columnist: Canada Has No Culture

I read with amazement the Toronto Star’s national columnist Emma Teitel’s opinion that Maxime Bernier’s ill-advised tweets on diversity simply don’t make sense. In her column, she states her belief that Canada’s culture consists of brand loyalties, love of hockey, … Continue reading

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In Socialist Canada, Dairy Farmers Milk You

Canada’s supply management of the dairy industry has been a sore point in US trade negotiations for as long as I can remember. It has also led to incredibly high prices for milk and cheese in Canada, to the point … Continue reading

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Andrew Scheer: Canada’s New Conservative Leader

Today (May 27, 2017), we have a new Conservative Party Leader, Andrew Scheer. He narrowly beat (by 1%) Maxime Bernier, who many had expected to win. Who is Scheer, and what are his policies? The only thing I knew about … Continue reading

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Who Won the Canadian Conservative Leadership Debate?

Update: Andrew Scheer: Canada’s New Conservative Leader Who won the first debate is a tough question to answer. I’ll give my thoughts one who said what, then try to give my impression of who won. Chris Alexander talked about increasing … Continue reading

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