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Will Liberals Stand Up to the Cultural Marxists?

A month ago in Quillette, Yoram Hazony wrote a critique of Liberalism titled The Challenge of Marxism that is well worth reading as a Conservative viewpoint on the battle between the neoliberal centrists and the so called progressives. Today, Cathy … Continue reading

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Liberal Male Guilt: Virtue Signals and Truths

A reader posted a link to the article The Unexamined Brutality of the Male Libido by Stephen Marche in her response to my post Are Men Who Avoid Women at Work Being Childish? Here are my comments: After weeks of … Continue reading

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The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics

I recently finished the book “The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics” by Anonymous Conservative. This book proposes that conservatism and liberalism are outgrowths of human psychologies that have evolved based on r/K Selection Theory. The book has influenced some prominent conservative … Continue reading

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