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Did Stephen Woodford Debunk UPB?

Stephen Woodford of Rationality Rules claims to debunk Stefan Molyneux’s theory of universally preferable behavior in his video Universally Preferable Behaviour – Debunked (Stefan Molyneux Refuted). He does a good job disassembling Molyneux’s proofs that UPB is correct, but then … Continue reading

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My Answers to Larken Rose’s Five Questions For Statists

Here are five more questions from a Libertarian addressed to “statists”. These questions are more philosophical than theĀ 11 Questions To See If Statists Are Hypocrites, and make a whole lot more sense. 1) Is there any means by which any … Continue reading

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Milo’s 12 Steps to Destroy the Alt Right

Mr. Yiannopoulos is at it again, giving his opponents a guide to destroying the very movement he’s a part of. Actually, he is proclaiming what he believes the Alt Right is against. Here’s the video; I’ll summarise the steps below, … Continue reading

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