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Series Review: “Lovecraft Country”

F How can I write a series review of Lovecraft Country after watching only part of the first episode? Easily. This Jordan Peele offering is a bait and switch. After an initial dream sequence which teases Cthulu and the Lovecraft … Continue reading

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Lovecraft and the Archetypes of Horror

I’ve embarked on another modern English adaptation of an HP Lovecraft story, this time “The Shunned House” (the original is available for free from Project Gutenberg). The story, published after Lovecraft’s untimely death in 1937, is Lovecraft’s take on the … Continue reading

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HP Lovecraft in Modern English

I’ve just added a new modern English adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror. It’s based on the author’s original, which is available from Project Gutenberg for free since it’s out of copyright. The original was written early in the … Continue reading

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Review of “The Void”

* D The Void is a horror movie in the style of HP Lovecraft. The first act does a good job at building tension and keeping you guessing as to what’s going on. Unfortunately, despite some reasonable practical effects that … Continue reading

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