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Review of “Dune” (the miniseries)

* * * B In 2000, Dune, the novel by Frank Herbert, which may well be the greatest science fiction novel ever written, was brought to the small screen in a 5 hour miniseries. The 1984 film by David Lynch, … Continue reading

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Science Fiction: Post Human Future Societies

In my previous post in this series, What Does the Future Hold?, I talked about the different uses that science fiction can be put to and gave my opinion that the highest form of science fiction is the milieu story, … Continue reading

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K-Selection in “The Dosadi Experiment”

Frank Herbert’s novel “The Dosadi Experiment”, published in 1977, is second only to his 1966 novel “Dune”. It is a deeper exploration of the effects of hyper-competitive K-selecting environments on societies. I consider Frank Herbert to be a great science … Continue reading

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