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CBC Uncritically Endorses World Economic Forum Policies

According to the CBC, Buying our way out of pandemic malaise is hurting the planet, experts say. Whenever “experts” are quoted, I’m immediately skeptical. What do they say? Who do they work for? As COVID-19 infection numbers eased in recent … Continue reading

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Explaining the Basic Economics of the Minimum Wage

Lori Lee Oates, Ph.D., writing for the CBC, writes The time is now: We can no longer wait to act on poverty and the minimum wage. It has often been said that the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of … Continue reading

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COVID-19 and Canadian Health Care

The CBC has a new opinion piece by Dr. Anca Matei that posits that COVID-19 exposes truth of globalization – wealth does not always equal health. I’m going to examine the proposition and her reasoning. The importance of public health … Continue reading

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Automation is not the Industrial Revolution

The ‘experts’ are at it again, warning that Mankind is at a ‘tipping point’ as automation and AI begins to replace us in a ‘long and painful process’. Is it time to set your hair on fire, or are they … Continue reading

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Book Review: “The End of Growth”

* * * * A Jeff Rubin’s second book, “The End of Growth”, continues in the tradition of “Why Your World is About to Get a Lot Smaller”. Rubin, the former chief economist of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, … Continue reading

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