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Toronto Star Columnist: Canada Has No Culture

I read with amazement the Toronto Star’s national columnist Emma Teitel’s opinion that Maxime Bernier’s ill-advised tweets on diversity simply don’t make sense. In her column, she states her belief that Canada’s culture consists of brand loyalties, love of hockey, … Continue reading

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Is Google Built to Last?

In my analysis of the events surrounding James Damore’s now infamous Google memo, I stated that what had happened could be explained by the premise that Google holds diversity as a core value, where as Damore holds individual merit as … Continue reading

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CBC is Schizophrenic Over Google Memo

The CBC published two opinion pieces yesterday on the leaked Google “echo chamber” memo: Google axing someone for mouthing off in a memo was not a smart move; and Google delivered an important message by firing its employee for his … Continue reading

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Google’s Lack of Meritocracy Revealed

The Full 10-Page Anti-Diversity Screed Circulating Internally at Google has caused a furor at Google and in the media. This you can see merely from Gizmodo’s ridiculously hyperbolic headline. I’m going to reprint some excerpts here and comment. Follow the … Continue reading

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Whats Up with Marvel? Dueling Headlines

I love the hilarious juxtaposition of the following three headlines. March 15: Marvel Comic Sales In Freefall In February 2017 — What’s Going On? People aren’t wanting more politics; in the aftermath of the most divisive election in US history, … Continue reading

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