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Cultural Marxists Cry When Criticized for Trying to Cancel Pinker

Richard Hanania, writing in Quillette, claims to have learned the Lessons of the Pinker Affair: The Problem with the Academy is False Beliefs, Not Intolerance. While he gets some of it wrong, I largely agree with his conclusions. Earlier this … Continue reading

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The Guardian Smears Jordan Peterson

Smear pieces are nothing new for Jordan Peterson. For example, see MacLean’s is the Stupid Man’s Stupid Magazine. Now the Guardian asks How dangerous is Jordan B Peterson, the rightwing professor who ‘hit a hornets’ nest’? Ooh, he’s ‘rightwing’ and ‘dangerous’. … Continue reading

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MacLean’s is the Stupid Man’s Stupid Magazine

MacLean’s magazine asks the rhetorical question Is Jordan Peterson the stupid man’s smart person? The title of this hit piece smears anyone who enjoys Peterson as ‘stupid’. Is author Tabatha Southey a smart person? University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan … Continue reading

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