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Jordan Peterson is Wrong on Forced Monogamy

According to the New York Times, Dr. Jordan Peterson is the Custodian of the Patriarchy. Please prepare to examine some first class propaganda with me. BTW, the original article is behind NYT’s 5 free articles paywall. If you want to … Continue reading

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Archetypes in Fiction

The same archetypes that show up in peoples relationship styles, which I call the Hermit, The Queen of Cups, The Knave of Swords, The Judge, The Knight of Swords, The Emperor, and The Magician, show up again and again in … Continue reading

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Marvel, DC, and Archetypes

It’s interesting how Marvel and DC have discovered the same kinds of characters. I’m going to compare some characters from opposite sides of the mirror and see if they shed some light on heroic archetypes. Superman and Thor Superman and … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Knight of Swords

Previous Post: The Judge The fifth of the seven archetypes I’m going to discuss is the Knight of Swords.┬áThis style is fairly powerful, as the Knight is above all driven by results. When working with others, the Knight seeks to … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Queen of Cups

Previous Post: The Hermit The second of the archetypes, I call the Queen of Cups. This is not to imply that those who relate to others in the manner of the Queen are all women, or even feminine. Rather, those … Continue reading

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The Seven Archetypes: The Hermit

The hermit is one of seven archetypes that define the most common ways that people relate to the world. While being the weakest archetype, it is nevertheless one that I’ve come across on numerous occasions. What do I mean when … Continue reading

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