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Leftist Feels Entitled to Jeff Bezos’s Personal Wealth

Marina Hyde of the Guardian writes Jeff Bezos is on a quest for eternal life – back on Earth, we’re searching for Amazon’s taxes. What has Bezos done this time? I will edit out some of Hyde’s snark out of … Continue reading

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Leftists Covet Bezos’s Fortune, Whine About Space Pollution

Gaby Hinsliff, writing in the Guardian, opines For all our sakes, let’s hope Jeff Bezos’s space trip is just a midlife crisis. Why would she wish this? Does she have something against space exploration? One very small step for mankind, … Continue reading

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Amazon Plays Chicken with Seattle and Wins

The Washington post is reporting that the Seattle council has voted to repeal a tax to help homeless amid opposition from Amazon and other businesses. The Atlantic goes further, telling us How Amazon Helped Kill a Seattle Tax on Business. … Continue reading

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Will Robots Check You Out of a Job?

The Guardian has a new article on the robopocalypse: End of the checkout line: the looming crisis for American cashiers. What are they claiming? A recent analysis by Cornerstone Capital Group suggests that 7.5m retail jobs – the most common … Continue reading

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Creating an AWS Linux Web Service

This how-to is loosely based on this Amazon Getting Started page. To create an AWS Linux web service: Create an AWS account. You need a credit card. Browse to http://aws.amazon.com/ Click Create an AWS Account Follow the bouncing ball… Create … Continue reading

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Amazon’s Leadership Values

Amazon, the world’s second largest retailer — who’s first? Alibaba.com of China — has a list of fourteen leadership values which are said to be used by their employees every day. I’m going to examine them and give my opinions … Continue reading

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Why I’m Leaving Scribd.

When Scribd started, its goal was to be the YouTube of print media. The site had great statistics on how many reads your documents were getting and levels of engagement, and there was a community similar to the WordPress community. … Continue reading

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