Review of “The Suicide Squad”

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The Suicide Squad is a sequel to “Suicide Squad”. Rick Flag (Joel “Takashi” Kinnaman) and Harley Quinn (Margo Robbie) return with an all new crew of crooks under the lethal control of spook Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). All the others are wiped out, and it turns out that another squad, being led by Bloodsport (Idris “Luther” Elba), who seems like a drop in replacement for Will Smith’s Deadshot in the last film, are the actual team.

The film is fun, funny in places, but fairly stupid. It’s directed by James Gunn, who also directed the Guardian’s of the Galaxy. The acting is good, though John Cena is less than stellar. New characters Rat Catcher 2, Polka Dot Man and King Shark all have good stories. The big baddy is very silly, but the ending at least has some good character payoffs.

While much lighter in tone than the first film, The Suicide Squad worked as a sequel. If only the word “Returns” had been added to the title. Unlike the MCU, Warner’s DC films aren’t tightly interconnected. This is one of their better efforts. I recommend it as a fun but forgettable watch.

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