Review of “Wildcat”

* D

Wildcat is the story of the capture and torture of a woman who claims to be a reporter and a US marine who was escorting her in Iran by a terrorist bomber. The entire film takes place in two one room sets, and consists nearly entirely of dialog. The writing is solid, and the characters, especially the bomber, Abu Kahlid, played by Mido Hamada, and the woman, Khadija, played by Georgina Campbell, are believable.

I liked the fact that Khadija, while unswerving in her goal of not only surviving, but exposing her captors to the Americans, is simultaneously vulnerable and self doubting. She is a rare well written intelligent character. Kahlid is a very well rounded villain, likeable, understandable, and yet still evil.

A little higher budget and more action could have made this a good film. The initial capture of Khadija and her compatriot, Luke, is not shown. I wont spoil the ending, but it takes place in the second of the two rooms the entire film is shot in. All said, this could have made an excellent hour long episode of Homeland, but it didn’t work as a two hour film for me.

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