Review of “The Tomorrow War” (minimal spoilers)

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The Tomorrow War, available on Prime with your basic membership, is an excellent time travel story. After a wormhole is opened from 50 years in the future and the people of that time ask for help to defend Earth from aliens, Dan (Chris “Starlord” Pratt) is a veteran who is drafted. There, he meets the leader of humanities future war effort played by Yvonne “Sarah” Strahovski.

The time travel story is reminiscent of the Terminator. The story requires suspension of disbelief of more that the science fiction premise, as there are a number of ridiculous coincidences. The film is action packed, and is a fun watch right to the end. I would compare it to the excellent Edge of Tomorrow, another great piece of science fiction.

The acting is surprisingly good, with Pratt’s charismatic unflappable hero balanced beautifully by his softer family man and deeply hurt inner child. Strahovski plays a typical Hollywood perfect woman, yet also shows moments of vulnerability and pain. JK “Jameson” Simmons is excellent as Dan’s estranged father. The supporting cast are solid, particularly Ryan Kiera Armstrong who plays Dan’s young daughter Muri.

This is yet another case where critics have shit the bed, possibly due to their dislike of Chris Pratt’s religion–he is a Christian. Here are the scores on Rotten Tom as of this writing:

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