Pistis Sophia – Book 1, Chapter 6

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“Lord, if it is you, withdraw your glorious light into yourself so that we can stand it,” the disciples said. “Otherwise our eyes are blinded, and the whole world will be disturbed by the great light which surrounds you.”

Jesus drew the glory of his light into himself, and when this was done, all the disciples took courage, came forward to Jesus, fell down all together, and adored him, rejoicing greatly.

“Rabbi, where did you go, and what was the mission on which you went?” they asked him. “What were all these confusions and all the earth quaking which has taken place?”

“Rejoice and exult from this hour on, for I have gone to the regions from which I came,” said Jesus, the compassionate. “From this day on I will discourse with you openly, from the beginning of the Truth to its completion. I will speak to you face to face without similitude. From this hour on, I will not hide anything from you of the mystery of the heights12 and of the region of Truth13. For authority has been given to me by the Ineffable14 through the First Mystery of all mysteries to speak with you, from the Beginning right up to the Fullness, both from the inside out and the outside in. Listen, therefore, so that I may tell you all things. When I was sitting a little removed from you on the Mount of Olives, I thought about the order of the ministry for which I was sent, that it was completed15. The last mystery, which is the twenty-fourth mystery from the inside out to those in the second space of the First Mystery16, had not yet sent me my Vesture17, which I had left behind in it until my ministry was completed.

12 Heaven

13 Reflecting the Gnostic belief that the heavenly realm is pure and true, and the material world is a cosmic accident.

14 The creator

15 Jesus’s ministry, i.e. the preaching of the gospel

16 ‘The second space of the First Mystery’ is another name for the heavenly realm.

17 Vesture literally means “robe”, but Christ is referring to the light he was emitting. His robe of light, which during his incarnation as Jesus he had left in heaven, shows that he has returned as a heavenly being, the Word incarnate.

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