Review: “The Little Things”

* D

The Little Things is a crime drama that stars Denzel “McCall” Washington as a damaged ex-homicide detective who stumbles onto the return of the serial killer who ended his career. His successor, played by Rami “Mercury” Malek, invites him to the crime scene, and they end up partnering to find the killer.

The pace of the film is slow, the plot uninteresting. One would expect, then, that the characters would be interesting. Unfortunately, they are not. Washington plays a depressing shadow of the golden boy he once was. Malek is unlikable as the overachiever who replaced him. Jared “Joker” Lito delivers a quirky, disturbing performance, but we get little insight into why he does what he does.

If you expected a redemption story, you will be disappointed. If you expected a horrific twist ending like “Seven”, you’ll also be disappointed. There is no cat and mouse. Washington’s character is no Will Graham, Leto’s is no Hannibal Lecter. The writer seems to be going for “the real world has no heroes”. All in all, this film was a huge disappointment.

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