Pistis Sophia – Book 1, Chapter 4 & 5

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The disciples sat together in fear and were exceedingly agitated and afraid because of the great earthquake which, and they wept together.

“What will happen?” they said. “Will the Saviour will destroy the entire world?”

While they were wondering this and weeping together, on the ninth hour of the next day, the heavens opened, and they saw Jesus descend, shining most brilliantly, and there was no measuring the light which he emitted. He shone more radiantly than at the hour when he had ascended to the heavens, so that men of our world could not describe the light which came from him. It shot forth rays of light in uncountable abundance, and its light was not uniform, some rays being more excellent than others9; the whole light consisted together10. It was of three kinds, and the each kind was more excellent than the last. The second was more excellent than the first, which was below, and the third, which was above them both, was more excellent than the first two. The first glory, which was placed below them all, was like the light that had come over Jesus before he had ascended to heaven, and was like only itself in its light.

When the disciples saw this, that they were exceedingly afraid, and were agitated. Jesus, the compassionate and tender-hearted, when he saw his disciples were greatly agitated, spoke to them.

“Take courage. It is I. Do not be afraid.”11 he said.

9 There are several lacuna (missing words or phrases) in this chapter, this being the first.

10 There are three kinds of light, and they are all different, yet at the same time, the whole light ‘consists together’. This is reminiscent of the paradox of the Christian trinity: There are three beings, none of which are the same as the others, but all of which are God.

11 This is exactly what Jesus says to his disciples in Matthew 14:27 when they are frightened by him walking on water.

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