Pistis Sophia – Book 1, Chapter 3

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When the light had come down over Jesus, it gradually surrounded him entirely. Then Jesus ascended or soared to the heights, shining brightly with an immeasurable light. The disciples gazed after him and none of them spoke, until he had reached heaven; they all kept in deep silence. This came to pass on the fifteenth day of the month Tybi, the day on which the moon was full.

Three hours after Jesus had reached heaven, all the powers of the heaven fell into agitation, and were set in motion against one another, they and all their æons, regions, and orders, and the whole earth shook, and all who dwelled upon it6. All the men in the world fell into agitation, and also the disciples, and all thought that perhaps the world would end.

The agitation of all the powers in the heavens did not ceased, and the whole world shook, and all were moved against one another, from the third hour of the fifteenth day of the moon of Tybi until the ninth hour of the next day.7 All the angels, their archangels, and all the powers of heaven sang praises to the interiors of the interiors, so that the whole world heard their voices8, which did not cease until the ninth hour of the next day.

6 Surely an earthquake felt around the world would have been recorded by the Romans. This claim is much more fantastic than the claim in Matthew 27:51 that upon Jesus’s crucifixion, the veil of the temple was split into two from top to bottom by an earthquake, and that the rock hills could be seen dividing.

7 The quake is said to last for thirty hours.

8 Topping off these extraordinary claims, the entire world are said to have heard the heavenly choir. Though this book was likely written at least 260 years after the date in question, and probably a century or more later, it’s hard to believe that this chapter was intended to be taken as literal truth.

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