Pistis Sophia – Book 1, Chapter 2

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The disciples were sitting together on the Mount of Olives, speaking of these words and rejoicing in great joy, and exulting exceedingly.

“We are blessed before all men on earth, because the Saviour has revealed this to us, and we have received the Fullness and the total completion,” they said this to one another, while Jesus sat a little removed from them.

A great light descended on Jesus5. It was the fifteenth day of the moon in the month Tybi, which is the day on which the moon is full. On that day, when the sun had risen, there came forth behind him a great light, shining most brightly. There was no measure to its brightness. For it came out of the Light of lights, and it came out of the last mystery, which is the twenty-fourth mystery, counting from within to without those mysteries that are in the second space of the First Mystery. The light came down over Jesus and surrounded him entirely, while he was seated away from his disciples, and he shone most brightly, and there was no measureing the light which was on him.

It surrounded him entirely. The disciples did not seen Jesus because of the great light that was about him. Their eyes were darkened by the great light that surrounded him. They saw only the light, which shot forth many rays. The rays were not like one another; the light was of all kinds, each ray more excellent than the last. The great immeasurable glory of light stretched from beneath the earth right up to heaven. When the disciples saw that light, they fell into great fear and great agitation.

5 Compare this to Mathew 17:2, where Jesus was transfigured before his disciples, and his face shone like the sun, and his cloths were as white as the light.

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