Series Review: “Prodigal Son” (season 1)

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This surprisingly good series is from Berlanti, the producer of the CW Arrowverse series. Malcolm Bright, the son of the serial killer “The Surgeon”, trained by the FBI as a profiler, consults with the NYPD major crimes division. Bright is brilliant, but is tormented by his past, to the point where he has to chain himself to his bed to sleep.

Michael Sheen is brilliant as Dr. Martin Whitley, AKA The Surgeon. Tom Payne is great as his damaged son, Malcolm. Lou Diamond Phillips leads a good supporting cast, with the gorgeous Bellamy Young playing Malcolm’s rich controlling mother.

While no “Hannibal”, the series mixes interesting cases with the ongoing revelation of Malcolm’s past and buried memories. While some of the side stories exploring Malcolm’s family are tiresome at times, they are woven in to the main plot arc enough to make them worth watching.

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