Windows 10 Shits the Bed

I got a fun Christmas present from Microsoft. Yesterday, my 3 year experiment of once more running Windows ended with a whimper. I opened my laptop to find it frozen, something that seems to happen when an update arrives in the night from Microsoft. I went through the usual hard power down and power up, and the boot stuck at the Dell logo screen with a spinner.

After three tries to boot, the Dell BIOS gave up and offered to reinstall Windows. Thankfully, the BIOS was able to let me back up the latest files on my system. After 3 hours, it had saved my documents and pictures to my thumb drive. Unfortunately, any music and video I hadn’t backed up would be lost. It then successfully reinstalled Windows 10. Kudos to Dell for getting this right.

Restoring the backup of my files was surprisingly hard to do. Finally, I stumbled on the restore program, which was actually on the thumb drive. Once the files were restored, I backed them up to my Western Digital wdmycloud NAS, then downloaded Linux Mint. This time, I’m going with the Ubuntu edition, though I’m sticking with the Cinnamon window manager. Installing Linux on the Dell Inspirion was a pain in the ass, but I’m writing this post in Firefox running on my “new” Linux laptop.

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I'm a software developer, and a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and I blog about movies, books, and philosophy. My interest in religious philosophy and the search for the truth inspires much of my writing.
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2 Responses to Windows 10 Shits the Bed

  1. Thanks for that. When I saw Vista I rushed out and bought three Macs. These turned out to be useful for little but browsing, email and blogging, which took a load off of my Win7 Dells and extended their lifetimes. I gave the mizzus a Win10 Dell and she hates it–uses it only for stuff that won’t run on Linux or Win7. I am finally sold on loading a crashed Dell with Linux and getting to know the OS. Frankly, I miss DOS.

    • jimbelton says:

      I’ll be writing a post on my programming blog on the hoops I had to jump through to install Linux on the Dell. I’ll link it from this post when done. The TLDR: You have to revert UEFI to the “legacy” BIOS and disable secure boot (rootkit prevention).

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