Review: “Jennifer’s Body”

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Jennifer’s Body is a horror film from 2009. While serious, it has some self-aware comedy that makes it much lighter fare that, for example, “Let Me In”. The horror premise is very weak. Since it comes just before the third act, it weakens the ending. This is compensated for by an excellent denouement, which is almost a fourth act.

Needy (Amanda Seyfried) accompanies her hot friend Jennifer (Megan Fox) to a concert at their small town night spot. After a fire burns the event down, Jennifer leaves with the band. Needy is woken in the night by Jennifer, who is covered in blood. The next day, a teen aged boy is murdered. Gradually, Needy begins to suspect that something horrible has happened to Jennifer.

Seyfried gives a good performance, and Fox is solid. The story is good, though played for laughs a little too much for my taste. What really saved the film for me was the ending which, though over the top, fit the film perfectly and saved it from being just another dumb high school horror movie.

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