Firefox is Blocking Bitchute

My Windows laptop was in bad shape this morning. After manually cleaning up Firefox, I restarted it and discovered it had automatically upgraded itself. The new version claimed to be faster.

One of the first sites I tried to open was First, Firefox told me the site was dangerous, having an expired SSL certificate. When I clicked the advanced tab and told it to go there anyway, it came back with a block page, saying that redirection had failed:

I shut Firefox and started up Brave, and the site opened just fine. What the hell was the new version of Firefox doing? Maybe Brave had a cached certificate for and Firefox was right that the SSL certificate expired. But why, if redirection was broken, could Brave still open the site without issue? My faith in Firefox was shaken.

Checking Firefox Options, I was surprised to see the following, since this is my personal laptop:

Who is this mysterious organization? Looks like Avast antivirus may be the culprit. See Fix Firefox says “Your browser is being managed by your organization” for more details. Unfortunately, deleting the registry entry as suggested doesn’t solve the problem. You must also uncheck the security setting Block dangerous and deceptive content, at which point, Firefox will stop lying to you and opens once more. If Mozilla want to block deceptive content, I suggest they start with

Update: Later in the day, I did have problems reaching with Brave, and the problem was more explicitly spelled out. A certificate failure led to a redirect to a bogus page that then redirected to itself, causing a loop. It looks like at least the error, though misleading, was legitimate. It’s still worth taking a look at your settings to make sure Firefox isn’t blocking “dangerous and deceptive content”.

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